Review – Gotham “The Primal Riddle”

Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind here again! After the events of last week, this week’s Gotham continues on with Ed Nygma and his obsession with figuring out who controls the city, Bruce and his training, and both Gordon and Oswald trying to regain their place as major players in the city’s inner workings.


At the beginning of the episode Nygma decides to capture the current reigning mayor, Aubrey James. He gets past both Gordon and Bullock to take James out of the hospital after giving James some sort of drug though a donut. Once Nygma captures James, he broadcasts on tv that he will kill James unless the rulers of the city reveal themselves. Gordon is able to convince Nygma to meet with him alone and, after freeing James, introduces Nygma to the leader of the Court. She takes Nygma away in a car to a location not yet revealed to the viewers. Gordon then joins the Court in order to repay the leader meeting with Nygma.

Meanwhile, Oswald and Ivy are working to recruit their gang of freaks to take down Nygma and give Oswald his place back as mayor of the city. They encounter two different freaks and recruit them along the way. The first of those they recruit is Victor Fries, who control ice. The second that they convince to join their cause is Bridgit Pike, Selina’s friend who almost killed her after being captured and put into Indian Hill.


Finally, Bruce’s doppelgänger, now living with Alfred as Bruce, is having a hard time playing a convincing Bruce Wayne. Due to his strange behavior, Alfred suggests that something might be wrong with Bruce. Not too long after, the doppleganger sees that he is bleeding from his nose once again. The doppleganger then goes to the Court and is told by their doctor that he is dying due to the way he was created. The doppleganger then goes to visit Selina and gets in a fight with her when she tells him that she will reveal him to Alfred. To protect himself, he pushes Selina out a window.

Once again this week’s episode was more on the boring side. I think that the show runners are trying to get the viewers more involved by doing things like having Selina pushed out the window to fall to the ground below and by making Gordon cross over onto the dark side of the Court to get more information, but I think it may be too little too late. I feel as though I personally have been trying really hard to care about these characters since the show started and aside from a few moments of brilliance(and the actors who play both Oswald and Nygma who, in my opinion, do a great job with the script they are given) the show has always struggled to find its footing. While I want the show to turn around and surprise me as the season gets closer and closer to its finale, I’m having a hard time believing that will be the case. At this point I think that Oswald and Nygma are the main reasons to continue watching and I want the rest of the characters to become as compelling as they are!


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