Review – Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ” Farewell, Cruel World!”

Happy Wednesday readers! Last week’s episode ended with the revelation that Aida is using the Framework and the Darkhold to create a real body for herself. Simmons and Daisy were working with Coulson, May, and some of the other now deceased agents to get themselves out of the Framework. 


This week’s episode starts with the plane that is holding Simmons and Daisy’s bodies being attacked by Aida’s henchman, Ivanov, and his followers. Yo-Yo was forced to turn off the cloaking for the plane in order to keep enough power going to the machine keeping Daisy and Simmons in the Framework. Without the cloak, Ivanov is able to quickly find the plane and start on the attack leaving little time for the agents to come back to the real world.

After finding the location of the backdoor out of the Framework, Simmons and Daisy get the team together to go on a mission to leave back to the real world. Simmons is apprehensive to leave without Fitz, but Daisy attempts to convince her that they will come back for him. Just as they are about to leave, Daisy learns that Simmons went off on her own. As it turns out, Simmons went to confront Fitz’s father and ends up getting in a fight with him. Things go too far and Simmons ends up accidentally killing Fitz’s father. Fitz discovers this and decides to go after Simmons. 


The group gets to the spot where the backdoor is at and Simmons shows up shortly after. While trying to leave, Coulson gets shot and has to hurry out of the Framework before he dies in both that space and the real world. May is also able to leave but before Simmons can Fitz shows up with Radcliffe and some men to murder Simmons. Fitz is incredibly close to killing Simmons when Radcliffe knocks him out and forces him out the Framework. Radcliffe then apologizes to Simmons and states that this is the only good thing he could do after all the bad he has done thus far. 

Daisy and Mack are the only ones left in the Framework when Mack comes to the conclusion that he does not want to leave. Even knowing that the world he is living in is not real, he cannot bring himself to part ways with his daughter. A tearful Daisy says goodbye before leaving Mack behind. Daisy and Simmons appear back in the plane and have to break the news to Yo-Yo that Mack is not coming back before trying to figure out how to dodge the plane attacking them. Meanwhile, Coulson, May, and Fitz come back to where they are being held by Aida only to find out that Aida’s human body has been completed. Before they are able to kill the human Aida, she takes a hold of the still confused Fitz and disappears.


So far I am once again enjoying this season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I think the first season took a bit to get on its feet but the show has only continued to improve from there. The dynamic between Fitz and Simmons is most certainly going to be strained after everything that happened between them in the Framework and now even more so since Aida has taken him with her to who knows where. Beyond that, the team is still having to deal with an enemy that holds unlimited power with the Darkhold in her possession. It also appears that Aida may be an Inhuman or at least have access to the Darkhold’s power in her human form and that can only cause more problems for the rest of this half of the season. RIP Mack, hope this is not the last we see of you!

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