Review – Gotham “These Delicate and Dark Obsessions”

Good evening readers! Megan_Highwind back again with my thoughts on this week’s episode of Gotham. This week’s episode starts with Oswald Cobblepot deciding that he wants to get revenge on those who have wronged him. Ivy offers to help Oswald but he turns her away in favor of getting help from his longtime follower, Gabe. After Gabe arrives, he betrays Oswald. Oswald and Ivy are both tied up by Gabe and his cronies but Ivy manages to use her perfume, laced with power to make men fall to her whims, to convince one of Gabe’s followers to let them free. Out of anger, Oswald then brutally kills Gabe.


Bruce, meanwhile, has been taken to a prison type facility where a man uses some sort of magical needle to make him relive his parents’ murder. The man tells Bruce that he needs to be able to get over his parents’ murder to be trained to help save Gotham. Bruce does not believe that he has the power to save Gotham on his own, but with some coaxing is at least able to start his training towards being able to make a difference.

Things with Gordon get more complicated after he learns from his uncle Frank that the Court of Owls has some weapon coming to destroy Gotham. They want to be able to destroy the city in order to rebuild it and Frank says that they must be stopped. Gordon, after doing some digging, realizes that his father was killed after an order from his uncle. Gordon goes to confront Frank wherein Frank tells Gordon that he had his father killed before realizing how right he was about the Court being corrupted. Frank then reveals that the Court has tasked him with murdering Gordon. Instead of killing Gordon, however, Frank tells Gordon to take over his spot in the Court before killing himself.


This week’s episode has soldified even more how much of a disappointment this season of Gotham has been to me. The show has always struggled to give the main characters enough screen time while also attempting to introduce and make newer characters relevant. Likewise, I have always felt that the writing and the plot because of it, have been lacking and this season has only made that more obvious. In order for this show to keep viewers and not get canceled after this season or the next, it needs some help with making the plot more interesting to viewers in a market saturated with comic book shows and movies. Here’s to hoping it can turn things around!

-Catch Fox’s Gotham on Mondays at 8/7c!

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