Review – Gotham “How the Riddler Got His Name”

Hello readers! Megan_Highwind here back again with my thoughts on the return episode of Gotham. The second half of the season, Heroes Rise, implies that we are going to start seeing things finally going the way of the good guys. This first episode gives the viewers a good idea of how things are going to fall into place and starts things moving in that direction. Both Bruce and Gordon are doing different things in this episode that will inevitably make them stronger individuals.


The episode begins, however, with one of our favorite baddies dealing with the repercussions of killing his best friend. Ed Nygma is not doing well after the events of the first half of the season and has turned to drugs to cope with no longer having Penguin around. Because of these drugs Nygma has the ability to call forth his illusion of Penguin to talk him through his day-to-day decisions. Even though he hates Penguin for what he did, he cannot help but want him around as he was the only person who actually told Nygma that he was worth anything and could become something great. 

Nygma uses the majority of the episode trying to find someone who can solve his riddles and become his motivation now that Penguin is gone. He ends up murdering a vast majority of the smartest of the city when they are unable to help him. When he sends a postcard to the GCPD he is able to find Lucius Fox who is finally able to answer his questions. Nygma sets us a trap for the recruits for the force and Bullock to get Fox to answer the finally riddles. The episode ends with Nygma telling Fox that he has taken the name the Riddler and will be causing chaos from here on out. He also finally lets go of the illusion of Penguin.


Meanwhile, Bruce has gotten a letter from Selina and decides not to go after her. Although Bruce decides not to follow Selina, Alfred manages to convince him throughout the episode that he should go talk to her and finally get closure. Bruce agrees and finds Selina. Selina tells him that she never sent a letter and leaves Bruce on the street alone. On his way back to the mansion, Bruce is drugged by his doppelgänger and taken to a remote mountain hideaway to be held captive. The doppleganger then returns to the mansion to take Bruce’s place. 

Gordon, too, is in a somewhat unknown location with his Uncle Frank. They are out hunting when Frank reveals to Gordon that he is a part of the Court of Owls. Taken aback by this confession, Gordon appears to start to distrust his uncle. Luckily, Frank is able to convince Gordon that he actually hates the Court and has been trying to figure out a way to take him down due to the fact that they were the ones who killed Gordon’s father. The Court has turned their sites to Gordon and wants him to join the Court as well. Gordon is left by his uncle with a note that asks him to help him avenge Gordon’s father.


The episode ends with Penguin waking up in Ivy’s apartment. She tells Penguin that she took him out of the river and has been nursing him back to health. Overall, this week’s episode was a welcome addition to the season. I think that it is good that things are finally starting to go the way of the heroes as the villains have been taking the upper hand for the entirety of the first half of the season. The show still suffers from some pacing issues and I think that there are definitely improvements to be made in terms of making viewers excited for the next episode, but I do believe that the show is trying to bring viewers back and will hopefully succeed with this latter half of the season! Seeing Penguin back and ready to kill Nygma will also make things much more interesting.

-Catch Gotham on Fox on Mondays at 8/7c!

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