Review – Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “No Regrets”

Happy Wednesday readers! Sorry for the missed episode last week! I was out-of-town and unable to catch last week’s episode until earlier today. After last week’s episode with Radcliffe being taken by Hydra, Mack coming back into the fray, Daisy being captured, and Fitz killing the woman Aida was based on, things are starting to get more and more serious for the agents.


This week’s episode starts out with Mace and Coulson going to an “Enlightenment Camp” to save one of the captured S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Coulson asks if the agent is Daisy and Mace reveals that, much to the disappointment of Ward, Daisy is not the one they are saving. It turns out that the agent that they are going to save is none other than Triplett, who was killed in the real world. While saving Triplett, May attacks Mace. She was injected by Fitz with the serum that Mace used to use in the real world and sent to kill the now Inhuman Mace and the other agents. After an intense battle, Mace is able to get away and May follows.

While Mace and May fight, Coulson enters the building and finds the students that he gave over to Hydra being brainwashed to believe that they should all follow Hydra’s reign. Coulson starts to free the students when Hydra uses a missile to try to get rid of the building that the kids are being held in along with the agents inside. When Mace gets away from May and sees the missile hitting the building, he goes inside to help. As the missile hits the building, the whole place starts to crumble under the pressure. Unfortunately, one of Coulson’s students is trapped underneath the rubble and Coulson is not strong enough to get him out.


Mace, being the strong Inhuman that he is in this world, goes to hold up the rubble that has fallen on the child and allows Coulson and the others to free him. May steps into the room right as Mace is doing this and threatens to murder him. Ward and the others warn May that Mace is holding up the entire building from collapsing and they will all die if she shoots him. Because of this and the horror that May feels from seeing that children being held against their will, May does not shoot Mace. but instead leaves the building with the others before the whole things crumbles on top of Mace. We catch a glimpse of Aida in the real world checking on Mace and, sadly, he is dead not only in the Framework, but the real world as well.

Meanwhile, Daisy is in a holding cell that happens to be right next to the one that Radcliffe is being held in. She overhears him state that there is another way to escape the Framework that is likely be guarded by Aida, but cannot actually be shut down. This gives Daisy hope that the group may actually be able to escape, but only if she is able to escape the facility. The episode then ends with May, after seeing Mace’s death, coming into the building and releasing a Terrigan crystal into the cell so that Daisy can get her powers from the real world in the Framework as well.


Overall, I thought this episode was fantastic. I was totally surprised with Mace’s death. I know that it had been mentioned before that dying in the Framework would mean dying in the real world, but it was still sad to see it happen to someone who has become a big part of the show this season.  Things are getting messier for Simmons as time goes on and Fitz gets further drawn in by his father and Aida to become their perfect puppet. She is still reeling from Fitz murdering someone in cold blood last week and losing Mace this week will probably make things much tougher for her to keep things together. I can only hope that Daisy getting her powers back gets things going back in the right direction! Now that they have not only Coulson and Mack but also May, it appears, back on their side they need to just get Fitz to wake up and convince Mack to leave his “fake” daughter behind to get past Aida and head home. Easier said than done!

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