Review – Gotham “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies”

Happy Tuesday readers! Megan_Highwind here with my thoughts on the winter finale of Gotham. The episode begins directly where last week’s episode ended. The entire city of Gotham is in a blackout and things are going downhill quickly. The GCPD  is trying to stop random crimes from happening around the city with Jerome’s followers being the ones causing the most chaos. 


Jerome has little to no memories of the time before he woke up. What he does remember, however, is that in his last moments of memory he was about to kill Bruce Wayne. Because of this, he goes to Bruce’s mansion to kill him and hopefully regain his memories. Bruce is able to convince Jerome that he should be killed in front of an audience so Jerome kidnaps Bruce and takes him to a carnival he has started up for his followers wherein they can commit any crimes they could possibly want. While kidnapping Bruce, Jerome gives his followers the go ahead to kill Alfred and destroy the manor.

Gordon and Bullock head to Wayne Manor to try to save Bruce after a Gordon speaks with Lee and she gives him a heads up on what they discussed when he held her captive. Gordon is able to help Alfred kill the members of Jerome’s posse and the group sets out to the carnival to try and save Bruce. Bruce is able to keep Jerome distracted long enough for Gordon to show up and cause disarray. This allows Bruce to run into the hall of mirrors and get the upper hand on Jerome. Bruce almost kills Jerome, but is able to control his temper enough to not do so.


As soon as Bruce leaves Jerome and the hall, he runs into Alfred and is flooded with relief that he is still alive. Jerome then sneaks up on the pair and Gordon is able to literally punch Jerome’s face off and send him back to Arkham before he can hurt Bruce and Alfred. Afterwards, Bruce vows to Alfred that he will never kill no matter how angry he gets and how things go in the future.

Meanwhile, Oswald is captured by Ed Nygma and set in a trap with acid that should have had him killed. However, a clueless police officer happens upon the captured Oswald and sets him free before he is killed. After Oswald gets free, Tabitha, Barbara, and Butch approach Oswald and try to get him to sell out Ed in order to save himself. Oswald refuses to do so and shows Nygma that he can truly love someone. However, this appears to be too little too late as Nygma still ends up shooting Oswald and pushing him into the river. The episode ends with Gordon running into his uncle and the Court of Owls having convinced Bruce’s look-a-like to work with them.


The winter finale felt like another fairly strong entry into the series. I liked having Jerome back and causing trouble in the way only his character can. Seeing him being the first character that causes Bruce to have a serious life crisis over whether murdering someone is the best option was the nice touch. Bruce’s promise to never kill was also a nice calling to his future persona and the start of his journey to becoming Batman. Things between Oswald and Nygma played out like I expected that they would, but considering how many times villains have been killed and brought back I am not yet convinced that Oswald is done for good. That being said, it does appear that the next part of the series’ big bad will be Oswald taking his place as the Riddler and I cannot wait to see what kind of tricks he pulls next!

-Megan_Highwind has left the party.



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