Review – Gotham “Smile Like You Mean It”

Happy Tuesday, readers! Megan_Highwind here with my summary and review of this week’s episode of Gotham . When we left off with last week’s episode, Dwight had decided that he wanted to try resurrecting Jerome’s corpse, Selina and her mother had made amends, and Oswald was facing a downward spiral orchestrated by Ed Nygma. This week’s episode continues with all the three stories from last week.


To begin, Dwight attempts to reanimate Jerome and appears to fail as the corpse remains. Dwight then decides to cut off Jerome’s face and put it over his own to try to reach out to Jerome’s followers. While the followers first react poorly to Dwight, he convinces them to all believe that Jerome’s legacy is inside each of them and they will still take over Gotham even without their leader. Little does Dwight know, his seemingly failed quest to bring Jerome back to life may not have failed as spectacularly as he originally thought….

Meanwhile, Barbara and Ed Nygma have conspired to bring Oswald even further down into his spiral of self-destruction by making him believe that the crime bosses of Gotham have turned against him. They even go so far as to make Oswald believe that Nygma has been captured by someone so that Oswald will come running to Nygma’s rescue. The episode ends before we can see the conclusion so it is safe to assume that next week’s episode will have Oswald and Nygma hopefully meeting face to face once and for all.


After chatting with Selina over her mom’s debts, Bruce agrees to pay them to help Maria and Selina have the chance to be closer. Unbeknownst to Maria, Selina follows her back to Cole’s place. Upon returning, it is revealed that Cole and Maria were actually working together to get money from Bruce after they found out that him and Selina were in a relationship. Furious, Selina storms in and tells her mom to never come back to Gotham again before returning to Bruce and asking him if he knew what was happening. Bruce tells Selina that he did suspect that Maria’s motives were not entirely pure, but wanted to pay to protect Selina. Angry now at both Maria and Bruce, Selina leaves.

After Jerome’s reanimated corpse finds his way to the GCPD to hold Lee hostage, he sees Dwight on tv putting on what he calls a “boring show”. Jerome leaves Lee tied up in her office and leaves to confront Dwight to get his face back. Gordon and Bullock arrive on the scene before Jerome and place Dwight under arrest. Jerome, dressed as a police officer, steals Dwight from right under Gordon and Bullock. He then takes Dwight to a power plant and ties him up. He tells Dwight that he does not forgive him for stealing his face before blowing Dwight up with explosives. The explosion is so intense that the entire city of Gotham is thrown into darkness.


I personally think that this week’s episode was the best episode the show has had in a while. Gotham has gotten into a bad habit of trying to do too much in an episode and letting things become a little muddled. This episode did a great job of bringing all three big storylines for the past few episodes (Selina and her mother, Jerome’s reanimation, and Ed and Oswald’s hostility) towards or to their end. Next week’s Winter finale promises to show more action between Jerome and Gordon and leads me to believe even more than Jerome will become the Joker down the line. Likewise, with Oswald being set up for a trap by Ed, the two coming to blows after everything that has happened will hopefully be included as well. It appears as if things between Selina and her mother are finished, but the rift it has caused between Bruce and Selina will need to be addressed as well. Hopefully next week’s episode does all of these things and more. Until then!

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