Review – Gotham “Ghosts”

Hey everyone! Megan_Highwind here with the return episode of Gotham. The episode starts with the funeral of Mario and shows how torn up both Lee and Falcone are over his death. Gordon shows up at the funeral to attempt an apology to the pair, but Bullock pulls Gordon back from the scene before he can show himself. Falcone catches a glimpse of Gordon at the burial and orders Victor Zsasz to murder Gordon to get him back for the murder. Zsasz pays a visit to Gordon to let him know that it is only a matter of time until he dies and to be on the lookout.


Lee, trying to justify to herself that Gordon deserves to be murdered, pays a visit to Barnes in prison. After seeing how crazy Alice Tetch’s blood has made Barnes, Lee reconsiders whether or not Gordon really deserves death. She tries to convince Falcone that Mario was sick and may not have been able to be saved. Falcone then shows up at Gordon’s apartment and tells him that if Lee had not shown him to ask for Gordon to be saved, he would already be dead. 

Meanwhile, both Oswald and Selina are dealing with parental issues. Oswald keeps seeing the ghost of his father in different places telling him to be careful of someone. He sees his father a couple of times in the episode and starts to lose his mind. Because of this, Oswald ends up murdering his new Chief of Staff, whom took the place of Nygma. It turns out that Nygma was behind the ghostly sighting of his father and has been using this and other methods to try to make Oswald unravel. The ploy ends with Oswald having a tv interview and admitting that he does not care about the citizens of Gotham.


Selina, on the other hand, is having a hard time accepting her mother back into her life after being abandoned by her 11 years ago. After having a talk with Bruce, however, she decides to give her mother a second chance. She then learns that her mother owes money to Cole Clemons and he is willing to kill them both in order to get his money. Selina promises Cole that he will get him whatever amount of money he desires from Bruce. 

The episode ends with a preview of Gordon and Bullock following the Indian Hills employee Dwight. It turns out that he is attempting to resurrect the Joker-esque Jerome from season one. This week was much better than the fall finale, in my opinion, in that the episode actually seems to be trying to get back on track with the storylines that were going in the last season and not focusing almost solely on Mario and Lee and the love triangle with Gordon. I am glad that they did not play the angle of Lee hating Gordon for Mario’s murder for too long, as it was a little unrealistic that Mario’s murder would ever happen without Lee having some idea of what was going on right behind her.


At this point, I am most interested to see what happens between Nygma and Oswald. Those two actors have kind of stolen the show and seeing how their relationship comes to a head will be quite interesting. Also, a lot of people were convinced that Jerome was the Joker back when he appeared on season one and it seems to be following true that he will indeed take on this role. If so, seeing how Jerome becomes a major player in a city already full of villains will be a treat for fans of the Joker!

-Catch Fox’s Gotham on Mondays at 10/9c!

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