Review – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D “Broken Promises”

Happy New Year loyal readers! Megan_Highwind back with my thoughts on this week’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. With the reveal last year of Aida going rogue and May being replaced by a  LMD, things get even more interesting as the pair work  together to get the Darkhold in Aida’s hands.


The episode starts with Fitz and Radcliffe being sent to clear Aida’s hard drive by Director Mace. Mace then takes Simmons and Daisy to try to rescue the newly awakened Vijay from his congressman older sister, Ellen. Coulson and May, meanwhile, are sent to try to keep the Darkhold safe in the event that Aida somehow gets away. Aida is able to get away from Fitz and Radcliffe and locks Coulson and May together in a room while Aida goes after the Darkhold.

While Coulson and May are trapped in the room, Fitz is able to override the system so that Aida is unable to escape the facility. When Coulson, May, Fitz, and Radcliffe corner Aida to try to have her explain why she took the book for herself, Mack appears and cuts off Aida’s head. Unbeknownst to the S.H.I.E.L.D. team, Radcliffe is then shown to be the mastermind behind Aida’s stealing the Darkhold and admits that he has created a new and better version of Aida.


Simmons, Mace, and Daisy go to rescue Vijay from Ellen, Vijay resists and leaves with his sister in a helicopter. The helicopter is flying to an unknown location and on the way Ellen shoots her younger brother as he has become the thing that his sister and him hated most. Ellen has gotten the Watchdogs to join in with her and tells them to dispose of her brother’s body. Once Vijay’s body is dumped out of the helicopter, his body is once again surrounded by a cocoon when he falls.

I think that this week’s episode was a great welcome back into the world of S.H.I.E.L.D. I honestly had no idea that Radcliffe was controlling Aida, although it makes total sense now that it has been confessed to the viewers. After everything that Radcliffe has been thorugh with both S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hive, and the fact that Radcliffe has never been a good person, it only makes sense that he was going to turn on the agents eventually. Beyond that, knowing that he can watch every move that Coulson and the others make through the eyes of the LMD is pretty scary for the group. They are yet unaware that they are being watched and I can only assume that somehow they will figure it out in the next few episodes. Beyond that, the fact that Vijay is still alive and will undoubtedly return to the show sooner rather than later will add an interesting extra layer to the relationship between Mace and Ellen. 


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