Review- Gotham “Beware the Green-Eyed Monster”

Hello everyone! This week was the fall finale of Gotham and the episode had some pretty big ups and downs to contend with. That being said, I do think it did a great job of setting up some interesting plot points for the second half of the season so I will just jump right in to my review!


Things between Gordon and Mario finally come to a head as Gordon gets Mario tested for Alice Tetch’s blood. Mario passes the test with flying colors and Gordon, knowing in fact that Mario is actually infected, throws a fit and tries to stop the wedding in any way that he can think of. Gordon ends up going to the church where Mario and Lee are getting married and confronting Lee. He tells her about Mario and then, when Lee dismisses his claims, tells her that he is still in love with her. Finding this out, Lee gets upset and slaps Gordon before marching into the church and marrying Mario anyway.

While Mario and Lee are busy getting married, Bruce, Selina, and Alfred try off to pull steal from the Court of Owls and are caught in the act. They are saved by a mysterious woman who reveals herself to be Selina’s mom. At the same time, Barbara, Ed, Butch, and Tabitha are all planning to ban together to try to take down Oswald. While Ed is obviously upset over the murder of his girlfriend Isabella, Butch, Barbara, and Tabitha want revenge for Oswald’s trick wherein Tabitha lost her hand.


Most of the episode focuses on Gordon trying to stop Lee from marrying Mario and it comes to a head when Gordon breaks in on Mario and Lee’s honeymoon While Lee has her bank turned, Mario walks up behind her with a knife getting ready to murder her. Gordon shoots Mario before he is able to kill her and he drops the knife into the water. Unsurprisingly, Lee sees none of what happens and turns around to see Gordon having shot Mario for no apparent reason.

As stated at the beginning of the article, this season has had a lot of ups and downs for me. This episode is a good example of the normal highs and lows that the show has had. A major high point was Gordon’s revelation to Lee of how he tried to come to her after he got out of jail but did not want to ruin her happiness. Unlike most other episodes, Gordon does not readily show his emotions so seeing him open up is always a welcome surprise. On the low side, the ending cliffhanger felt forced and honestly a little lame.


After everything that has happened between Mario, Gordon, and Lee this season, having Gordon kill Mario and Lee not see what is going on just does not make a lot of sense in the big scheme of things for me. It leads me to believe that a lot of next season will be focused on Lee and Gordon avoiding each other until something happens and they fall back in love. Their whole back and forth is starting to get droll and I am ready for Lee to be gone once and for all.

Besides, that, though, things could become quite interesting next season as it appears that Bruce, Selina, and Alfred are going to take on the Court of Owls head to head even though the Court has more resources, power, and persuasion than the former group could ever hope to gain. Likewise, Oswald is in for a rude awakening when he has not only Ed after his life and everything he loves, but also Barbara and her lackeys. Side Note: Did anyone notice a certain someone alive and well in the preview? What will it mean for the future?


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