Review – Gotham “Time Bomb”

Happy Holidays everyone! Megan_Highwind here. After last week’s fiasco with Captain Barnes being put into Arkham due to Alice Tetch’s blood. Lee reveals to Falcone and Mario at dinner that they are working on a cure for the blood based virus. As Lee and Mario are leaving Falcone’s residence, the car that was going to take the couple home explodes. When Gordon and Bullock arrive to inspect the scene, Falcone reveals to Gordon that if Gordon goes not find the culprit in one day Falcone will go after them himself.


Back at the GCPD, Bullock tells Gordon that he knows that the only man who would be able to create an explosion like the one that happened earlier is a man named Fuse. The two go to investigate Fuse and find him dead. They also find information in the apartment that suggests that Mario is the target of the assassination attempt. Gordon rushes to find Mario and appears just in time to save him from some assassins.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Selina are still trying to figure out where the key came from. While they are doing this, Ivy puts Alfred in a trance and sneaks out of the mansion. Selina places the key in some vinegar as her and Bruce have an argument and an owl shows up on the key. This leads the pair to believe the Court of Owls is involved. At that moment, they get a call from the men who were searching for the key, who state that they have kidnapped Ivy.


Barbara is out searching for Tabitha and Butch and stops by Oswald’s mansion to see if he has heard anything. Oswald denies that he has and Barbara leaves. Oswald then calls Nygma, who is holding Tabitha and Butch hostage, and tells him that Barbara is looking for the pair. Nygma is busy torturing Butch and ends up cutting off Tabitha’s hand before he comes to the conclusion that Butch was actually not involved in Isabella’s death. Barbara then appears and Butch and Barbara take Tabitha to the hospital.

Alfred, Bruce, and Selina find where Ivy is being held and run into the group called The Whisper Gang. They happen to be against the Court of Owls as well and Bruce decides to not press charges against the group as they are also trying to stop the Court as Owls just like he is. Later in the episode, the leader of the Whisper Gang is killed by a member of the Court of Owls while trying to get the next key.


Jim finds Mario at a diamond store and the two argue before the assassins show up again to try to kill Mario. Jim is able to arrest one of them while Mario kills the other. The arrested assassin is taken to the GCPD and is beaten up by Falcone when Bullock and Gordon are not paying attention. Falcone rips out a tooth from the man with a picture of an owl on it. Falcone then meets with the leader of the Court of Owls and promises to burn Gotham down if anything happens to his son. Kathryn, the leader, appears unafraid but agrees to not hurt Mario. The episode ends with Lee going to visit Gordon at his apartment to finally get some closure between the two. Mario sees Lee leaving Gordon’s apartment and kills some men walking by. It is revealed that Mario as also been infected by Alice’s blood as the episode ends.

This episode was packed with a lot of things going on for each group of characters! Bruce and Selina seem to be having a lot of conflict with how to define their relationship and on top of that teen drama, they also have a bigger issue with figuring out what the key that they have is going to open. Meanwhile, now that Barbara has gotten Butch on board to tell Nygma about what Oswald did; I can imagine that things are not going to go well for Oswald in the next episode when his closest friend turns against him along with some of the other “big bads” on the show. Finally, with Mario and Lee getting married in the next episode, it is only a matter of time before Mario’s issue with Alice’s blood comes to light. When everything blows up, I can only assume that Gordon will have to swoop in and save the day. Here’s to hoping things keep going in a positive direction as the end of the winter season approaches!


-Catch Gotham on Mondays at 8/7c on FOX!

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