Review – Gotham “The Executioner”

Hi everyone! Megan_Highwind here with this week’s review of Gotham. As we have seen from the past few episodes, Barnes has been quickly losing his sense of self. Due to Alice’s blood, he can now only focus on his sense of justice and condemning everyone who does not agree with that justice as being guilty. Barnes spends much of the episode seeking out criminals and killing them. Jim notices that something is not right with Barnes and decides to investigate the situation a bit further.


Jim goes to search Barnes’ office to find information when he discovers files about Alice and Jervis on his desk before Barnes walks in. Barnes gives a fake story to Jim about Simon being killed by a man named Sugar and the two go a warehouse to look into the details of the crime. On the way, Barnes tells Jim to interview him so that he can be cleared of Simon’s murder, as Barnes known Jim is suspicious of him. Barnes then reveals that they need men like Gordon on the force who are willing to break the rules in order to do what is right and bring justice to the city.

Upon arriving at the warehouse, the men confront this Sugar character and Sugar states that he had nothing to do with it. Barnes decides to kill Sugar anyway and then confides to Jim that he is the one that killed Simon. Gordon tries to reason with Barnes so that Barnes will not kill him, but Barnes has reached the point beyond reason. When Gordon refuses to join Barnes’ crusade, Barnes begins to shoot Jim just as the GCPD is rallying outside the building. Both Bullock and Lee go to the warehouse as Lee is the one who figured out that Barnes’ blood was infected. Gordon is able to shoot Barnes in the shoulder and slow him down enough so that Bullock and the GCPD can capture Barnes. Jim then thanks Lee and Bullock for believing him and coming to his aid. Barnes is then thrown into Arkham where all he can keep saying is guilty!


Meanwhile, Ed Nygma is getting worried about Isabella as he has not heard from her in a few days. Nygma is then called to the GCPD where he is showing Isabella’s dead body. Ed tells Oswald what happened and Oswald feigns sympathy for her murder. Ed goes to visit the spot where Isabella was killed and runs into a homeless man in the street. The homeless man tells Ed that he heard Isabella screaming before the crash and Ed is able to deduce that Isabella’s breaks were cut. Ed goes back to Oswald and tells him about the murder thinking that Butch is the one behind it.

Lastly, Ivy comes back onto the scene and steals a necklace from an antique seller. She then goes to visit Selina at her place, where Bruce is visiting, and lets Selina know that she is still alive. Two men then appear at Selina’s place and chase the group. They go to investigate the dealer who sold Ivy the necklace’s house and realize that he has been murdered. That is when the necklace is broken and a key is revealed to be inside. The group then goes back to Bruce’s mansion to try to get protection from the men chasing them.


Overall, this was a much stronger episode than last week. Finally seeing things coming to a head between Barnes and Gordon was expected, but done in a way that kept things interesting. Gordon was forced to take down Barnes in the name of justice when justice is what Barnes has been searching for since coming into contact with Alice’s blood. Gordon is obviously ready to be back on the force full-time and take on some serious responsibility after his actions in this episode. The parts with Ivy, Bruce, and Selina felt a little lame and thrown into the story for no reason while things between Oswald and Edward are getting ready to boil over when Edward undoubtedly finds out what Oswald did. From here, I hope that we get some more answers regarding the Court and their actions behind everything that is going on and also finally get to see Ed and Oswald come to hate and attempt to kill each other as only villains can.

-Catch Fox’s Gotham on Mondays at 8/7c!

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