Review – Gotham “Blood Rush”

Hello everyone. Megan_Highwind here. Apologies for the lack of review for Gotham last night, but with the election taking place my mind was elsewhere. That being said, I am bringing you my thoughts on Mondays episode tonight instead. The episode begins with Barnes following a shady looking man into an abandoned warehouse where the man is disposing of a body in acid. While the man tells Barnes that he is only the cleaner for the real killer, Barnes cannot control his anger and kills the man with his bare hands. Barnes leaves the scene as Bullock and Gordon come to investigate what has happened.


Barnes goes to visit Tetch in Arkham to hopefully figure out the best way to ride himself of the virus spread throughout his body from Alice’s blood. Tetch obviously reveals nothing about how to cure Barnes and instead, after Barnes confirms that he is having serious rage issues with the blood inside him, tells Barnes that he should be starting to hear voices inside his head very soon. Barnes then tracks the man who hired the cleaner to a bar where the man reveals to Barnes that he was hired by a plastic surgeon named Dr. Symon. Dr. Symon is in charge of helping criminals get new faces to evade police capture. Barnes then leaves the man before almost killing him for the information on Dr. Symon and his whereabouts.

While Barnes goes hunting for criminals, Ed Nygma decides to break up with Isabella after seeing her with glasses that remind him of Ms. Kringle. Ed asks Oswald to go and break up with Isabella for him. Oswald jumps at the opportunity to break the pair up and heads to Isabella’s house. Once there, however, Isabella discloses that she has no desire to break up with Ed and will not allow him to break up with her that easily. Upon Nygma heading to Isabella’s house to break up with her himself, he encounters her dresses up as Ms. Kringle where she convinces Ed that he will not hurt her and the two stay together.


Barnes tracked Dr. Symon to his office where he is just about to remove a woman’s face. Barnes takes Dr. Symon into the precinct to await a trial and jail sentence. Upon arriving at Lee and Mario’s engagement party later in the episode, however, it appears that the woman was paid off and Dr. Symon is at the party roaming free. Gordon and  Bullock also appear at the party to try to bring Symon back into custody. Before they can do so, however, Barnes corners Symon in a bathroom, loses control, and ends up pushing Symon through a wall and onto a car below. Barnes then leaves the scene before anyone can see him. The episode ends with Gordon leaving the party, after getting in a fight with Mario over how Gordon still loves Lee, and runs into Symon on top of the car who is not dead as Barnes intended. Gordon asks who pushed him and Symon confesses that it was Barnes.

I can tell we are getting closer and closer to the end of the Mad Hater storyline which I am glad for. A few episodes ago I discussed how I was glad that the episodes were focusing more on one villain and while this is still true, I am ready for the saga to end as it is starting to feel more and more drawn out towards the end of the fall season. I am assuming that the next two episodes will bring back the drama and intrigue that some earlier episodes have had, and I will be glad to see what happens when Gordon confronts Barnes.


-Catch Fox’s Gotham on Mondays at 8/7c!

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