Review – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “The Good Samaritan”

Hi everyone! Megan_Highwind here! This week’s episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. starts off with Simmons being sent off on a super secret mission but Director Mace. Mace then heads to the Quinjet to try to arrest Robbie for the murder of the prisoner in last week’s episode. Coulson tries to protect Robbie and Daisy from being found by Mace by hiding them in the containment module under the place. The plan does not work, however, and Mace finds their hiding spot.


Unfortunately for Mace, Robbie turns into the Ghost Rider and almost beats him to death. Coulson tries to get Robbie to stop, but is unable to do so. Robbie’s younger brother, Gabe, is the only one who can make Robbie stop before killing Mace. Robbie explains to Daisy and Gabe what happened on the night that he became the Ghost Rider. Robbie reveals that he had brought Gabe to a street race and the Locos game sets Robbie’s car on fire. The car explodes paralyzing Gabe and killing Robbie. While dead, Robbie is asked by a mysterious voice if he would like to save his brother and get revenge. By replying yes, Robbie is then consumed by the Ghost Rider.

Mace, unhappy with the way things have happened thus far, is hesitant about letting Robbie work with the team any further. Upon further pushing by Coulson, however, Mace allows Robbie to help them get Morrow back when Coulson lets on that Robbie can kill the ghosts that have been attacking everyone. Fitz is able to track Lucy to an abandoned power plant where Robbie, Fitz, and Coulson all go to try to save Morrow.


Upon arriving at the power plant Lucy divulges to Robbie that Morrow is actually the one who created the ghosts and has been wanting the power of the Darkhold all to himself. Robbie then destroys Lucy before she can say anymore. Coulson finds Morrow and tries to stop him from booting up a new version of the Momentum machine, but fails. As the machine goes off and powers up Morrow, Fitz, Coulson, and Robbie all disappear from the facility to an unknown location.

This episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a great addition to the season. We finally got the back story of how Robbie became the Ghost Rider and why he is as haunted as he is by everything that has happened to him and his brother. It also lets us as viewers know that there was/is another Ghost Rider so seeing more about who that is is pretty exciting. I had a feeling that Morrow was hiding more than we were told in the first few episodes. Something about him sat wrong with me so knowing that he is actually the bad guy for the season is rewarding to me. With the power of the Darkhold I can only imagine how much of an enemy he will turn out to be! Finally, where did Mace sends Simmons to and what happened to Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie? I’m assuming these questions will be answered in the next episode, but the show left us with a nice cliffhanger for the week. Speaking of Mace, I am over him and his attitude. He keeps getting in Coulson’s way and I just want Coulson to push him aside and take back S.H.I.E.L.D.


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