Review – Gotham “Red Queen”

Hello loyal readers! Megan_Highwind back again with this week’s episode of Gotham. We were thrown back into the fold of Jervis Tetch being obsessed with getting revenge for what happened to his sister. Now that he feels as though he has gotten revenge on Gordon, Tetch decides that the rest of Gotham has to suffer as well. Jervis plans on giving the mayor and all of the other high-ranking officials in the city a few drops of his sister’s blood mixed with wine to make them experience what her blood has to offer. Jervis does this by taking his sister’s dead body from the morgue and hanging her upside down to harvest her blood. Gross!


Meanwhile, Gordon has gone to visit Valerie in the hospital and it is then revealed that Gordon is still in love with Lee and that things between him and Valerie are officially over. While Lee’s fiance, Mario, is annoyed that he believes that Jim tried to get Lee killed, Lee confronts Gordon saying that she knows that Gordon was actually trying to save her instead of Valerie. Gordon, as usual, denies the whole thing and then decides to try to go after Jervis. Unfortunately for Jim, Jervis has found his way to the hospital and infects Gordon with the hallucinogenic drug, The Red Queen. 

The trip takes Gordon down an elevator ride with his crazy ex-girlfriend, Barbara Keen. Gordon takes stops on different floors where he experiences completely different scenarios. The first floor takes him to a bloody GCPD where both Oswald and Bruce blame Gordon for all of the officers in the room being dead. Then Gordon is shown a scene where he has a family with Lee and is happy before it is all ripped away. The final scene shows us Jim’s dad who gives Jim a pep talk about how important it is to be a good cop and to try to live up to the family name. While this is all going on, Mario is able to help Jim come out to the drug induced state before he gets killed by the drug itself. Jim goes back to his apartment and finds his father’s ring before going to Barnes and asking to rejoin the GCPD.


While Gordon is recovering from the effects of the drug state, Penguin is worrying about Nygma who never came by for dinner. Nygma then shows up and tells Penguin about his new love, Isabella, who comes by the mansion. Annoyed with the way his luck has changed as he was going to confess his love for Nygma, Oswald complains to the lady Catherine from the Court about Nygma and his bad luck. Catherine then lets on that the Court ha been watching Oswald and has plans for him before leaving. Jervis and his cronies show up to try to make Oswald and the other officials drink the wine with Alice’s blood, but Barnes and Bullock stop him. Barnes has a reaction to catching Jervis and Jervis begins to laugh as he realizes that Barnes has been infected with Alice’s blood. During all of this, Bruce and Selina have a nice dinner date where they talk about their feelings.

This episode was one of my least favorite from the season so far. After as much as Jim has been through this season, it seems a little unrealistic that an acid trip inside his mind would suddenly make him better. That being said, I did think that they did do a good job of letting the viewers see more of how Gordon is really thinking and feeling about different things as we are usually left pretty in the dark regarding his emotions. Gordon is definitely a guy with a  lot of unresolved issues so him rejoining the force to try to work some of those out is to his benefit. Beyond that, I wonder if his father is the one who is the head of the Court since we saw the same ring on his finger as the one that Bruce had in his possession. Finally, I have a bad feeling that Isabella is going to turn out to be someone(something?) incredibly twisted as it is just too coincidental that she looks just like Ms. Kringle and that she is not bothered by Nygma being a killer.


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