Review – Gotham “Follow the White Rabbit”

Hey everyone! Megan_Highwind here! Gotham starts off this week by Jervis kidnapping a married couple and a small child and telling them that the fate of their lives is in the hands of Jim Gordon. Gordon, who agrees to help Valerie Vale speak to Lee about Alice Tetch’s blood during breakfast, is approached by a man in a white suit. Gordon follows the man in the suit and comes to a street corner where he gets a phone call from a pay phone. Jervis tells Gordon that he must choose to save the married couple from jumping off a roof or the child from being hit by a truck. Reluctantly, Jim saves the child. As soon as the married couple falls, Jim gets another call telling him to go to a new location.


The GCPD comes and finds the boy after the death of the couple is reported, and the boy reveals that Jim was the one who saved him. Barnes, unsure of why Jim in involved, tells Bullock to find Jim at all costs. Upon Gordon appearing at the new location, Jervis gives Jim the choice to save a doctor or a tv personality. Barnes and Bullock show up before Jim can make the choice. Jim lets the two know that Jervis is after him and refuses to play along with Jervis’ game. Angrily, Jervis then electrocuted both the doctor and the tv personality.

Gordon gets a call from Jervis, then, letting him know that he has kidnapped Valerie and Lee. The man who Gordon originally followed in the beginning of the show leads Gordon to Lee’s house where both Valerie Vale and Lee are being held captive by Jervis. Like with the other times above, Gordon is forced to choose between the two. Gordon tells Jervis to shoot Lee and, believing that Gordon loves Valerie, Jervis shoots Valerie in the stomach. Gordon had tried to free both Valerie and Lee with the help of Lee’s fiance, Mario, but to no avail. Jervis gets away while both Lee and Gordon rush Valerie to the hospital.


While all of the above is going on, Oswald is planning to reveal to Ed Nygma that he has developed romantic feelings for him. The two plan to have a dinner where, unbeknownst to Nygma, Oswald wants to make Nygma aware of his feelings. When Nygma goes to pick up a bottle of wine for the planned dinner, however, Nygma meets a women named Isabella. This woman happens to look almost exactly like the now deceased Kristen Kringle. The episode ends with Gordon telling Lee that he wants to discuss the days events, but Lee seems uninterested in hearing what Gordon has to say.

I really feel like this season of Gotham has done a bang up job of making sure the stakes of each episode get higher and higher as the Mad Hatter(Jervis) gains more and more traction against Gordon. Unlike some previous baddies on the show, Jervis has serious power with his ability to control everyone around him and Gordon’s ability to constantly come out on top is seeming less and less likely to occur with this particular villain. I actually would have preferred, though, if one of the women would have been killed as the show seems to still be a little bit too afraid to push the envelope too far. That being said, I am glad that they at least made Jim choose someone to shoot without having the GCPD come and let him off the hook with the whole thing. It appears that next week Jervis will be going after the heads of the city, so putting Oswald against Jervis may be the beginning of the end with Jervis with all the power that Oswald has. Finally, I think that Jim is going to let Lee know that it is really her that he is in love with, which sucks for Valerie after her getting shot because of Gordon.


-Catch Fox’s Gotham on Monday nights at 8/7c!

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