Review – Gotham “Anything for You”

Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind here with this week’s review of Gotham. This week’s episode starts off with showing us that Oswald is confident in his new position as mayor and does not seem to be having issues with keeping the other villains in line. This all charges when the new Red Hood Gang show up and threatens the new peace that Oswald has brought with his appointment to office. 


While everyone is wondering who is a part of this Red Hood Gang, Ed Nygma does some digging and realizes that Butch is using the gang to try to win back his spot as #2 in Oswald’s crew. Ever since Nygma was released from the asylum by Oswald, he has gotten closer while pushing Butch further away. In order to get Butch back, Nygma tricks Butch into revealing that he is in charge of the Red Hood Gang in front of Oswald and numerous other onlookers. With Butch now out of the way, Nygma has solidified his spot as Oswald’s favorite person.

Ever since Bruce found out about the kiss between Five and Selina last week he has been bothered by the whole situation. Around the party, he discusses things with Gordon and Gordon reveals to him that he should tell Selina how he feels before it is too late and she has moved on. Gordon has had a lot of experience with being passed over after Lee revealed to him earlier in the episode that she will be announcing her engagement to Marcone’s son. Because of Gordon’s advice, Bruce and Selina discuss their relationship on the roof where Selina ends up kissing Bruce. 


During the episode we also get a glimpse of Barnes discussing Alice’s blood while having some weird side effects. The episode ends with Jervis killing a woman dressed as his sister and writing Gordon’s name on a place setting for a tea party thus confirming him as the Mad Hatter.

This week’s episode felt a little slower to me than the last few weeks have been. I am hoping this is because the show is getting ready to come back around to the Mad Hatter and finish his arc. While I am interested in the character and his background, I also think that I am ready to move on to someone else after spending quite a bit of time fleshing out his back story in the last couple of episodes. Seeing Barnes losing himself because of Alice’s blood is bound to come to head at some point to haunt him and those at the GCPD so seeing how it comes out that he is infected is something I am looking forward to. Finally, I am excited to see Nygma and Oswald’s relationship continue to grow and then eventually crash and burn? as the weeks go on.


-Catch Fox’s Gotham on Mondays at  8/7c!

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