Review – Gotham “New Day Rising”

Hi everyone! Megan_Highwind here for this week’s review of Gotham. When we last left Selina and Five, Five had told Selina that he was willing to help her. Selina, thinking that Five was Bruce, had agreed. Selina goes to rob a bar and gets caught. As she is about to get her fingers cut off, Five breaks into the bar and saves her. In the commotion, Five got stabbed and Selina offers to help sew up his cut. Upon Five lifting his shirt, Selina realizes that he is not Bruce as Bruce does not have those kind of cuts all over him. Five and Selina then have a conversation where, at the end, Five kisses Selina. After being found by Bruce and Alfred, Five runs away and is picked up by the Court on his way out of town.


Jervis, still on the hunt for his sister, goes to a group called the Tweedle Brothers and uses hypnosis on them so that they can help him break his sister out of the GCPD. While this is going on, Gordon is trying to find Jervis and lock him away. Unfortunately for Gordon, he is still under Jervis’ influence. Whenever he hears anything like a ticking clock, Gordon has the overwhelming urge to kill himself. Jervis and the Brothers show up at the GCPD and take Alice away while Jervis stops Gordon from coming after them by using his  watch. Barnes knocks Gordon out before he is able to kill himself.

After being checked out by Lee, Gordon is placed on suicide watch by Barnes. However, Bullock comes and frees Gordon, with the help of Lee, and the two go on the hunt for Jervis and Alice. When they find Jervis, he once again tries to put Gordon under a spell to kill himself. Gordon thinks about Lee while under the spell and is able to break free. Under the confusion, Alice attempts an escape. Jervis catches her, though, and unintentionally forces her off the 2nd floor of the building they are in. Sadly, Alice is then impaled by a pipe while falling.Jervis then runs away as he is stunned and saddened by his sister’s demise. Barnes then becomes infected by Alice’s blood while looking around the crime scene.


GOTHAM: L-R: Camren Bicondova and David Mazouz in the“Mad City: New Day Rising” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Oct. 10 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jessica Miglio/FOX.

While Nygma is trying to help Oswald with his campaign for mayor, he realizes that Butch is paying people to vote for Oswald. Nygma decides to take the money back from the officials and show Oswald that he did not cheat to win the election. Much to Nygma’s delight, Oswald ends up winning the election using his own merits. Oswald  then forgives Nygma for paying back all the money that Butch had paid to the officials. Butch appears incredibly distraught by this move as him and Nygma are quickly becoming enemies.

All in all, I thought that this week’s episode was another good entry into the series. I was not sure what Five’s intentions were with Selina since everyone refers to those who came from Indian Hill as “monsters”, so it was nice to see that Five was actually just trying to make a friend. I am convinced that the Court will have nothing but bad intentions for Five, so hopefully  Bruce, Selina, and Alfred can find a way to save him from their clutches. Likewise, since Jervis is still alive and undoubtedly blames Gordon for his sister’s death, I can only imagine that he will be back for vengeance sometime this season. The other thing I am curious to see is how Oswald does as mayor. We all know that he is a villain at heart, so how will his new rule affect Gotham?


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