Review- Gotham “Transference”

Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind here with the season finale of Gotham! This week’s episode starts with Gordon, Bruce, and Lucius still being held at Arkham Asylum in the hands of Hugo Strange. Things are looking bleak for the heroes as Bruce and Lucius are being held by Ed Nygma while Gordon is being questioned by Hugo Strange.


The GCPD has shown up at Arkham and are ready to bust in to save Gordon. However, “Gordon”(the experiment Basil who was given Gordon’s face) shows up and tells the cops that everything is fine within the Asylum and to go back to GCPD headquarters. While this is happening, Hugo Strange is preparing a bomb to blow up the facility, at the request of the council, and has Ms. Peabody take all of the patients to another place. After this takes place, both Bruce and Lucius and Gordon are being questioned about what exactly they know regarding who is controlling Indian Hill. It is obvious that neither group knows exactly who is pulling the strings.

Gordon is given a truth serum to reveal what he knows while Bruce and Lucius are given a poison gas that is going to “kill” them by Nygma after stating that they did not know who is telling those at Indian Hill what to do. Lucius and Bruce, after passing out, are then moved into the room with Gordon where the discuss what has happened to the three of them and how to try to get off of Arkham before the bomb explodes. 


Ms. Peabody goes to Fish Mooney’s cell to get her ready for transfer when Fish touches Ms. Peabody and the men helping her and takes control of them. Fish runs into Hugo Strange and Hugo runs away before Fish can touch him. Hugo makes sure that the bomb is set to go off and shuts the gates to the facility to make sure that no one can leave.

Back at the GCPD, Harvey realizes that something is strange about the Gordon that is with him in the office. Barbara Keen visits the GCPD to give Gordon some information, but realizes that the person she is talking to is a fake and reveals him to the others. Meanwhile, Hugo tries to tell Bridgit, Selina, and Victor Fries that they must kill Bruce, Lucius, and Gordon. Selina objects to the plan and when Bridgit and Victor figure out that Hugo is planning to blow up Arkham, seriously hurt Hugo. 


Everyone is desperate to stop the bomb from blowing up as it will kill everyone inside. Strange, with the help of Nygma, Gordon, and Lucius disarm the bomb. Fish, driving the other patients away from Arkham, is stopped by Oswald and Butch from getting too far away. When the pair realizes that Fish is still alive, they freak out and run away. After everything goes down, Strange is arrested and Gordon decides to leave and go after Lee. A homeless woman finds the bus full of patients and opens the door that locked them in the back, allowing a strange twin of Bruce Wayne and a laughing man who sounds a lot like Jerome into the city.

This season started out decently and got more and more repetitive towards the end. I hope that, for the sake of the show, they can bring something new and exciting to get people more interested in it again. The patients that have escaped will, more than likely, be the focal point of next season and I think that as long as they keep things from getting too repetitive again, the show would be much better.

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