Review – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Failed Experiment”

Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind here! This week’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finally gave us some insight into Hive’s final plan for the human race. The episode starts with giving us Hive’s back story. Hive was a Mayan warrior running for his life from the Kree. The Kree ended up catching him and using the Terrigen crystal and their own blood to create Hive. The episode then comes back into present day where Hive, working with Dr. Radcliffe, is trying to create Inhumans and have them under his influence at the same time. The experiment fails and the people used all die.

Agents-of-SHIELD-Failed-Experiments-Hive-RadcliffeMeanwhile, Fitz and Simmons are working on an antitoxin to stop Hive’s control from taking over the Inhumans. Lincoln volunteers to be used as an experiment to try to antitoxin out, but Coulson says no as the substance could kill him. Lincoln, being so worried over Daisy and thinking only of her, goes against Coulson’s orders and injects himself anyway. The antitoxin makes Lincoln convulse and almost kills him.

While Fitz and Simmons are dealing with Lincoln, May and Mack are preparing a team to infiltrate where Hive is hiding with Daisy. They are going to try to sneak up on Hive and travel to the bar where the group is located. They find a Kree object put together which calls the Kree to the area. The Kree are determined to get rid of the Inhumans, including Hive. One of the Kree warriors finds Daisy and a battle ensues where Daisy ends up breaking the Kree’s spine.

Mack finds Daisy after he battle and tries to convince her to come back to the S.H.I.E.L.D. side. Daisy and the doctor have been gathering blood from the dead Kree and Mack makes the body disintegrate with one of his bombs. Daisy, angry at Mack’s betrayal, almost kills him. May saves Mack at the last minute. During this time, another Kree has attacked Hive and Hive easily dispatches the Kree. May and the others try to take Hive by surprise, before going to save Mack, but fail and are forced to run away. The episode ends with Mack finally saying that he gives up on Daisy and Daisy telling Hive that he can drain her blood as she has Kree blood in her veins and wants to help successfully create a world of Inhumans.


We are getting close to the end of the season and it is becoming more and more apparent that getting rid of Hive will be the hardest task the team has had to face. I am curious to see how things pan out with Daisy. I feel as though, considering how integral she is to the show, they will find some way to save her at the last-minute. I also think that Hive is going to be finally defeated in some epic fashion. I am ready to see what the last episodes of the season bring!

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