Review – Gotham “Azrael”

Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind checking in! This week’s episode of Gotham focused again on Hugo Strange trying to get rid of Jim Gordon. As we learned last week, Theo Galavan was brought back from the dead by Strange in order to use his new superhuman strength to dispatch Jim Gordon once and for all. After last week’s snafu where Freeze failed in killing Gordon and in the process got found out to be alive after being presumed dead, this week Theo Galavan makes an even bigger event of his being brought back in front of the dead by being shown on public television after falling down onto a cop car from the roof of a nearby building.


It is clear at this point that Galavan has been brainwashed by Strange in order to commit horrible deeds for him. Strange has shown himself to be obsessed with Gordon and is willing to go to any length to have him done away with. Unfortunately for Strange, his ideas are too crazy to work as the people that he brings back can only be controlled to an extent. Galavan was able to stab Barnes in this episode, though, and it looks as though he was hurt pretty badly. This character has been beat down so many times I am wondering if this is the event that will finally  do him in.

The episode mostly focused on Galavan as Azrael with a fancy new knight looking costume and super strength, but it also gave us some insight to how things are going with Nygma in prison. I really enjoyed seeing Nygma playing with the other inmates in the prison. He is obviously quite a bit smarter than most of them, considering he is in the psych ward, and manipulates them into doing whatever he desires. The episode ends with Nygma finding himself in the basement of Arkham where he appears to be ready to cause some serious chaos.


Overall, this episode was quite a bit like the last one, in some ways. There is a person who is thought to be dead coming back and attempting to kill Gordon. Unlike with Freeze, however, Galavan being back causes quite a stir for not only Gordon but Galavan’s sister, Penguin, and the general population of Gotham whom he was mayor over for a short time. I am assuming the last two episodes of the season will deal with Galavan and hopefully come to a head with Strange as well. I am enjoying seeing Nygma more this season and hope that he continues to get crazier and crazier as well!

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