Review – Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “The Singularity”

Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind here! After last week’s episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. the team was left reeling as Daisy deserted them for Hive. The team is focused on trying to get Daisy back from Hive while also making sure that Hive is unable to “recruit” anymore Inhumans to his cause. While the agents work on a plan to get Daisy back, Daisy and Hive visit a place where Daisy took Ward once and discuss how Daisy now feels as though she is really part of something with Hive. Then, the two go to visit Lincoln’s ex-friend James and get the piece of Kree technology that James did not give to Lincoln during his and Daisy’s last visit. In exchange, Hive uses a crystal to turn James into an Inhuman and brings him into the fold.


Fitz and Simmons take on the task of trying to figure out the best way of getting Daisy back on their side. They discover Dr. Holden Radcliffe, whom they believe is the key to finding a cute for Hive’s control. Coulson sends the pair, along with Mack, to Romania to locate the doctor. Meanwhile, Coulson and May go to check out James’ trailer as they caught that Daisy had used her powers in that location recently. During their search of the trailer, they spot explosives. Not having time to escape the area, Coulson and May hop into a ditch where Coulson whips out his new shield that he had Fitz put into his robotic arm.

When Fitz and Simmons reach the doctor’s facility, the transhumanist club, they are forced to do transplant surgery on a patient in order to get to see the doctor. While getting ready to give the patient a shot to numb the area, Simmons notices that the patient’s eye looks a bit strange. She jams the needle directly into the patient’s eye and it is revealed that the eye is already cybernetic and that the patient is the doctor himself. Fitz and Simmons are then separated as the doctor believes that they are with Hydra. Daisy then storms into the room and tells Fitz that he needs to stay away for his own safety while Simmons encounters Hive who tells her the exact same thing.


The episode ends with Coulson and May watching video surveillance of Talbot and his army taking down Hydra once and for all. Coulson and May, however, take no comfort in this as they realize that Hive is still out there and is worse than Hydra could ever be. This week’s episode was, overall, very gratifying. It was an intense moment at the end of the episode when you realize that the even though Hydra is gone, Hive is such a huge threat that there is no time for the time to relax as their fight is still going on. I can only hope that the agents can find someway to take Hive out once and for all!

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