Review – Gotham “Pinewood”

Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind here. This week’s episode of Gotham started out with Bruce, Alfred, and Lucius Fox going through some of the files on Thomas Wayne’s computer to try to figure out exactly what he was up to. They were also searching for any clues they could find regarding who killed Thomas and Martha and why.


While those three are digging through Thomas Wayne’s files, Gordon gets a visit from Barbara who claims to be better and wanting to help solve the Wayne murder. Understandably, Gordon is initially hesitant to believe that Barbara is willing to help him after everything they have been through. After Barbara proves herself to Gordon by going into a women only club to collect information, she reveals to Gordon that the person that was in charge of causing the death of the Waynes was someone known as the Philosopher.

Based on the finding from Thomas’ computer, Bruce and Alfred go out into the woods to a tiny cabin where they Karen Jennings. She is a former Blackgate prison inmate who murdered her father after he beat her because of his misshapen arm. Karen reveals that she was taken from Blackgate in order to be experimented on by the Philosopher at Wayne Enterprises. She assures Bruce that Thomas had no idea how bad things that the Philosopher was doing were and attempted to stop him as soon as he found out. Karen then offers to identify the Philosopher for Gordon and Bruce but Victor Fries is sent to kill her before she can do so.

Upon Karen’s death at the hands of Victor, Lucius Fox is able to find out that the Philosopher is none other than Hugo Strange. After this reveal, we are sent to the facility where Strange and his accomplice have finally risen someone from the dead. The someone who they raised happens to be none other than Theo Galavant. 


I thought this episode did a fantastic job of foretelling things to come. It is obvious by the end of the episode that Bruce is going down a dark path to try to get his revenge for his parents murder and now that he has added Karen’s murder to that list, he will stop at nothing to avenge them. Meanwhile, Gordon is watching Bruce and trying to qualm his temper, with the help of Alfred, but it appears that nothing will stop Bruce at this point. Gordon is also still attempting to set things right with Bruce in order to finally go see Lee and attempt to patch things up with her. Everyone’s lives have become so intertwined that I am excited to see how things play out from here and how the rest of the season plays out!

-Catch Gotham on Fox on Mondays at 8/7c!

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