30 DAY VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE – Day 25 – A game you plan on playing.

What’s good, everyone? It’s Day 25 of our 30 day challenge, and the end is in sight! Yesterday, we discussed our favorite classic games of the past so today, it stands to reason that we’ll be talking about the future as we tackle each of our personal choices for games we plan on playing… I’m assuming out of hype and/or excitement. There have been a few massive announcements at the last few E3’s, but the one that has me chomping at the bit for new information whenever it becomes available is amazing looking adventure called Horizon: Zero Dawn

Currently under development by Guerilla Games, makers of the Killzone Franchise, Horizon: Zero Dawn is an action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world where machines have taken over the world in the form of giant, mechanical dinosaur like-beasts. Players take up the role of an archer/hunter named Aloy who’s trying to survive the chaos. Hannah often refers to this game as “Skyrim: Robot Dinosaurs” and that’s pretty much what I see whenever I view new footage of the game, and while there isn’t an official release date at the time of this article’s writing, there’s not an upcoming title I’m more excited for… on the Horizon. 

— Evo out.

Hey everyone! If you have been following along with our 30-day challenge my choice for “game I plan on playing” will be of no surprise. Combining the stunning visuals, story, and artificial intelligence of the Halo franchise with the narrative play style and flow of Heavy Rain and Until Dawn, I present you… Detroit: Become Human!


My, my Kara! How you’ve grown…

For those that follow Quantic Dream, you may remember the demo for Project KARA that debuted in 2012. It got heaps of hype but somehow never made it to the game sphere. Luckily, it has been revamped in the form of Detroit (trailer). I highly recommend watching the demo then the preview of Detroit, the animation is beautiful and while we don’t have a lot of story yet it looks very exciting!

Let me know your thoughts below if this is news to you, I’d love to get some initial reactions.


Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind here for Day 25! There are two games coming out this year that I am super stoked about. They are Uncharted 4 and Final Fantasy XV. Of the two, though, I have to say that the top spot goes to Final Fantasy XV. As is obvious by my username and the answers for a lot of the questions in this 30 day challenge, I am a huge Final Fantasy fan and as such have been waiting for this game for a LONG time.

You wish you were this cool.

You wish you were this cool.

For those who were not aware, Final Fantasy XV has been in production since 2006 when it was titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Fans of the series, like myself, were unsure if this game would ever be released due to continual mixed messages from the team developing it. Thankfully, we got a release date of September 30, 2016 announced a little earlier this year and the Platinum Demo to tide us over until that release.  I am sincerely hoping that this game is worth the 10 years I have waited to play it!

-Megan_Highwind has left the party.

Greetings friends, James B Boss here with my entry for today’s challenge. In the next coming months, there will be many different titles being released. One such title, that I will definitely be playing will be a little title called Overwatch.

Developed by Blizzard entertainment, Overwatch is a first person shooter where you play with others online by picking characters with unique abilities and duking it out. The game currently is in a closed beta right now and unfortunately I am not a part of it, but the game does come out in May, so I do not mind waiting another month.

— Boss? What happened? BOSS?!


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