30 DAY VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE – Day 24 – Favorite classic game.

What’s good, everyone? It’s Day 24 and today we’ll be discussing our favorite classic games. 

In terms of age, I’ve got a pretty good lead on my co-authors here, so our definitions of “classic” can differ pretty greatly. That said, we all have those deep roots in early games that hooked us early and shaped our love for gaming. My personal favorite classic game is one that has a rep for being brutally hard, and angering anyone under the age of 25 who even tries to give it a shot: Contra on the NES.


I love this game, and to my knowledge am one of the few who can complete it WITHOUT use of the notorious “Konami code” (consider my own horn tooted). The assortment of weapons and the need to strategize with so few lives make this one of the most rewarding games to beat, with or without a partner. Many a night was spent honing my technique trying to solo this sucker, and when I finally pulled it off, I was on top of the world.

— Evo out.

Hey guys, we’re almost finished with our 30 day challenge here at DRE. Hang in there!

Today I’m covering my favorite classic game. Now, “classic” can mean a lot of different things to a lot of people, depending on age, disposable income, and even interest level in gaming throughout their lives. For me, I’m going with a game I played on PC back in the days of Doom. I also bought the title on SNES as soon as I had the opportunity. LEMMINGS!


*cue heads exploding*

 I think this is honestly one of the most fun and frustrating games ever made. I love the puzzle aspect, and the limited resources you have to work with force creativity into what always looks like a simple solution at first glance. Every level is new and fresh, building on your experiences thus far and forcing you to experiment with new abilities and numbers of men. From forcing the tiny dudes to jump off cliffs holding only umbrellas to building bridges to nowhere and falling to their deaths, the sacrifices made by the noble lemmings (and forced by your hand) are legend. I strongly urge you to pour one out for the little homies and fire up this seriously excellent adventure in honor of days gone by. You won’t regret it, I promise.


Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind here for Day 24. “Classic” is definitely subjective and depends a lot upon your age and when you started gaming. I started gaming in around the year 1993 with my faithful Sega Genesis by my side. My favorite classic title comes from this great little console that I still will randomly play to this day. My choice for favorite classic title is Virgin Games’ Disney’s Aladdin. 


Whatever you do, don’t hit the lava!

For this of you who were not lucky enough to have played this amazing game, it took the different scenes from the Disney movie Aladdin and threw them together in a game format to create this crazy fun yet challenging title. The soundtrack sounded great as it was based upon the songs from the movie, the graphics were above par for the time, and the gameplay was varied and never boring. The player controlled Aladdin through various locales including the desert near Agrabah, inside the Genie’s lamp, and Jafar’s castle. Each level was well thought out and challenging in different ways. Plus, there was a level where you got to ride the magic carpet(as seen above)!

-Megan_Highwind has left the party.

Greetings friends, James B. Boss here with my entry for today’s challenge. With today’s advanced gaming consoles, we are able to take gaming to the next level, but even with all these graphically advanced games, we still cannot live without the classics. My personal favorite of the classics is none other then the great-grandaddy of the space themed shooter, Galaga.

Let's get shipfaced!

Let’s get shipfaced!

It is simple and addicting, and the sounds that I heard from playing this game are still and my mind to this day. Whenever I see this game in an arcade, I always save a quarter just so I can play this lovable classic.

— Boss? What happened? BOSS?!

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