30 DAY VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE – Day 18 – Favorite protagonist.

What’s good, everyone? Oh jeez… we hit Day 18 already, and it’s going to be one of those really hard ones. I couldn’t tell you how many different protagonists I’ve played as in my literal lifetime as a gamer, and while I did touch on my favorite character in general, picking a favorite protagonist is a little more difficult since I’m kind of restricted to “good guy” types, which kind of narrows the pool a lot. However, I think I’ve got my choice for this one and it’s none other than the original badass of his franchise, Trainer Red, from Pokémon.

You gotta ask yourself one question: “Do I feel Chansey?” Well do ya, punk?

During the course of playing the very first Pokémon games, players are in put in control of the trainer that Ash in the TV show was based on, a character who has in the course of the series canon’s development has come to be known as Red. He doesn’t have a lot of character in the original games, as he’s basically a speechless avatar for the player. The thing that clinched this spot for me was the reputation Red was given AFTER the original games. He is largely seen as a powerful, almost mythic figure who won the Pokémon League, and then went into isolation, getting stronger and stronger as he trains on top of a mountain like some sort of Pokémon Luke Skywalker. Ask any player of the franchise, and they’ll tell you Red is the ultimate badass Pokémon Trainer, with teams that can vary, but are always an incredible challenge. He makes his mark through the effort, training and power conveyed by his team, and just like the original Trainer Red from the first games, he does it all without saying a word.

— Evo out.

Hey hey hey! Hannah’s back to tell you about my favorite protagonist of all time. Now this will be a tricky entry for me, but my favorite protagonist is Earthworm Jim.


The unlikeliest of heroes.

Earthworm Jim is so different than anything I’d seen before or since. He’s a goddamn worm in a space suit. He battles intimidating foes and keeps respawning, unwilling to let go of the chance of victory. You had to grind the levels in Earthworm Jim 1 for SNES so much to find the right way to complete that you couldn’t help but love the guy. Also his enemies were pretty nasty, so you found yourself rooting for him to win as the underdog, not just the character you control. GG little buddy, and happy trouncing!


Caveat: This pains me to put a qualifier like this on an article, but in the interest of my morals and the reputation of the blog I feel I must. The artist behind Earthworm Jim’s name is Doug TenNapel. He has also authored several innovative graphic novels, was the artist behind the indie game The Neverhood, and was involved in the children’s series Veggietales among other popular projects. Mr. TenNapel is a self-proclaimed “politically conservative Christian” and as such has made several public statements and comments regarding LGBTQA folks’ rights and reputations that neither I nor DRE support in any way. We are an inclusive community and if anything we’re filthy liberals. Just needed to put that out there in case anyone fell into the ultimately disappointing clickhole I did that led to the discovery of this information.

Hey everyone! Megan_Highwind here for day 18 of the 30 day challenge! I would like to pick Squall from FFVIII as my favorite protagonist since he is my favorite character of all time, but in the interest of changing things up a bit, I will choose my second favorite protagonist. This is a hard one for me as it is pretty close between Nathan Drake, Link, and the man whom I have chosen as my favorite protagonist. That man is none other than famed assassin Ezio! 

Requiescat in pace

Ezio is one of my favorite protagonists for a number of different reasons. The things that he goes through in his life make him into the best assassin that the series has ever seen. From the beginning of the game when his father and brothers are killed and he was forced to flee Florence with his mother and sister to the end of the game when he is righting the wrongs done by the Templars, Ezio is always a man of honor and has a strong sense of justice. He went from being a boy who only cared about chasing women and fights to a man who put his life on the line to make sure he stopped the evil in his city. Ezio is definitely one of the best characters I have ever had a chance to play!

Megan_Highwind has left the party.

What’s happening everyone? James B. Boss here! For every villain, there is an opposing hero, who also is more often than not, the default position that we are put in when we play video games. Out of all the protagonists that I have played as, my absolute favorite would have to be Kratos from God of War.

I don’t know who he’s looking at, but they’ll be dead before the end of this sentence.

Oh where to start with Kratos? How about the empowering feeling you get just by getting to control this beast. His chosen prey are not just the normal, everyday big baddies, but mythical beasts and even Gods and Goddesses of Greek mythology. Kratos does this with an arsenal of unique and powerful weapons that are also rooted in Greek mythology. He’s also ridiculously strong and determined, which adds motivation and emotion to his tragic revenge story, and kind of makes all of the seemingly ridiculous things he does in the game seem believable, and REALLY satisfying.  I remember my first time playing the first God of War and taking down the first boss of that game. They way he wrapped his blades around the Hydra’s neck and skewered it on the ship’s mast made my jaw drop and I was just shocked and hype to see what else this game was going to throw at me and my ash covered bro here. Kratos is definitely my favorite protagonist and is one I definitely do not want to mess with. 

— Boss? What happened? BOSS?!


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