30 DAY VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE – Day 14 – Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper.

What’s good, everyone? Welcome to Day 14 of our event! Today is more of a lazy eye-candy kind of day for you awesome readers who have been following along to this point. We’re sharing our current or most recent gaming-related wallpapers. Mine hails from PlatinumGames’s recent 10th Anniversary. Check it out… and you know, all of PlatinumGames’ stuff.


— Evo out

The image you are viewing is that of Hannah’s PS4 background. 

End transmission.



My current gaming wallpaper is pretty self explanatory. 


-Megan_Highwind has left the party.

Hey everyone, James B. Boss here with my entry for today’s challenge. My choice for today’s theme is this wallpaper of Megaman X destroying his arch-nemesis Vile. Besides being from the first game I have ever played, I love how this wallpaper is from the iconic scene where X defeats Vile after Zero sacrifices himself to weaken Vile to give X a fighting chance. While I do change my wallpaper every now and then, I would always go back to this one. Like seriously, look at that brutality.


— Boss? What happened? BOSS?!

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