30 DAY VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE – Day 10 – Best gameplay.

What’s good, everyone? Looks like we have a milestone on our hands… yes people, it’s Day 10 of our 30 video game writing challenge! Today’s prompt is a little difficult since there are so many different options and styles, but the best option here is to write about what we like. Here we go with our choices for best gameplay. Seriously, as a lifetime gamer who dabbles in so many different kinds of games this is an incredibly difficult choice to make. For one thing, I like the strategy and competitiveness of fighting games and first-person shooters, but I also like the exploration and possibilities of open world games. Then again, I also enjoy the non-stop action of action adventure and platforming games as well as the storytelling and questing of role-playing games, so you can see how this isn’t an easy decision for me, but I do have one. The one franchise I have consistently been into and devoting literally HUNDREDS of hours of time to whenever a new installment comes out. My vote goes to Pokémon.



Pokémon has everything for me: exploration, growth-based gameplay, memorable characters, a competitive PvP aspect, collecting stuff and running around a world getting stuff done. As we speak, my copy of Pokemon X has the greatest amount of time spent by me on a game ever.



On top of all of the story line gameplay, there’s a whole other metagame aspect to the game that involves selective breeding, hidden values, training methods and team planning and strategizing. This is more frequently used for competitive players who play almost exclusively online against other players or for video game competitions for championships.

Take THAT, kid who always asked “are we ever gonna use this” in math class!

Oh and yes, I AM one of those players. 🙂

— Evo out.



Daaamn Hannah! Back at it again with the best gameplay!

I’m gonna have to give this one to Goldeneye 007, making Joshua the only “current” gamer in this particular post. N64 is getting a lot of love (as is Rare) and I believe it is fully deserved. 


I didn’t choose this game only because I beat my big brother for the first time by using Natalya (and maybe a few mines). The gameplay was stellar at the time, and most importantly, it introduced four-player split screen to the world. That move was so, so important for the gaming community because it allowed us to play with more of our friends at a time and increased competition as well as camaraderie. This feature was revolutionary because I believe it inspired the move to online gaming and the massive multiplayer goodness we all know and love today.

As for the sequel? We don’t talk about the sequel. Shut up. I hate it.



Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind here. When it comes to best gameplay, like most of the other categories we have had on this 30 day challenge, I have a hard time choosing my top contender. If I have to choose just one game, though, I will have to give best gameplay to Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Having not owned any Nintendo consoles since the N64, I cannot speak to the newer Zelda games in the series, but Ocarina of Time had everything that I wanted in great gameplay. To begin, Link himself moves effortlessly around Hyrule. Unlike some games where characters can feel clunky, Link never once felt like a chore to control. 


Can you please stop being so perfect?

Beyond that, the action sequences of the game where Link has to defend himself with his sword, bow and arrows, or any of the other weapons the game throws at you were well coordinated and added to the fun that the game had to offer. Above all that, though, the level of complexity and skill that were the puzzles in the temples in this game are something that I still wonder at to this day. This game is definitely the definition of having to pay close attention to every little thing around you and figuring out how and when you use the world and everything in it to your advantage. Add to everything else mentioned above great day/night mechanics, an ocarina that has varying tunes for you to learn, and a horse who you can ride all over the world and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time easily takes the top spot for best gameplay!

-Megan_Highwind has left the party.


Hey everyone, James B. Boss here with my entry for today’s challenge. When it comes to video games, it is always about the one thing that makes it shine and that is the gameplay. I have of course played an enormous amount of video games in my life, but the game that I feel has the best gameplay is Star Fox 64.

Can't let me do that? TRY AND STOP ME!

Can’t let me do that? TRY AND STOP ME!

Reason being? It’s style of gameplay is simple and addicting to boot. I remember having a blast with controlling Fox’s arwing and locking on to enemies and of course barrel rolling through the game’s awesome levels. It provided a challenge enough for anyone to enjoy and if you found yourself to challenge yourself even more, you can also unlock expert mode. Star Fox 64 may be an old game, but it is one game that I do not mind playing for many years to come.

— Boss? What happened? BOSS?!


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