Review – Gotham “Prisoners”

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of reviews of both Gotham and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. lately! However, now that we have everything figured out with WordPress, I am back with weekly reviews of both. This week’s episode of Gotham focused on Penguin and his focus on spending time with his father and Gordon and his life in Blackgate Prison.


Oswald is busy adapting to living with his new found father, Dahl, and the rest of his new family. Oswald lets his father know that he has done horrible things in his past, but has since turned a new leaf and is trying to become a better man. Dahl forgives his son in order to try and build a meaningful relationship between the two. Meanwhile, his wife, Grace, is avoiding giving Dahl his heart medication in order to try to get him to die of the hole in his heart sooner. When Dalh collapses and his told that he does not have much time left, Grace decides to poison Oswald in order to prevent him from getting Dahl’s money. However, Dahl ends up drinking the alcohol and dying instead of Oswald, much to Grace’s dismay.

While Oswald is getting to know his father, Gordon is getting to know the Blackgate Prison system. After not being in the system for long the warden transfers Gordon to the “World’s End” to try and make sure that Gordon does not get out of the prison alive.  “World’s End” happens to be where most of the criminals that Gordon and Harvey have put away have been placed. Harvey pays a visit to Gordon to let him know that Lee has lost his baby and is in hiding. After this news, Gordon is attacked by Weaver and is placed in the infirmary with his new friend Puck. Harvey meets with Falcone to try and save Gordon and together they hatch a plan that frees Gordon and Puck from prison. Unfortunately for Puck, he dies after the escape. The episode ends with Gordon deciding to stay in Gotham to try and find Lee.


Overall, I thought this episode was pretty well played out. I thought the pacing was done well and I was not expecting a lot of what happened. Part of my would have liked to see Gordon in prison a bit longer and see him build some sort of relationship with the other prisoners in the system, but realistically they probably would have killed him way before he had the chance. As far as Oswald is concerned, I can imagine that this will be a big turning point in moving him further towards becoming the Penguin we all know and love to hate.

Catch Gotham on FOX on Mondays at 9/8c!

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