30 DAY VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE – Day 8 – Best Soundtrack.

What’s good, everyone? Off the jump, I gotta say that I’ve been really looking forward to this particular entry. It’s Day eight of the challenge, and we’re discussing our personal top choices for video game soundtracks. For frequent readers and followers of the blog, you’ll know that dear old Evo is a big old fighting game nut. Lots of fighting games have memorable and for lack of a better term, awesome soundtracks in them. For example, Guile from Street Fighter II has one of the most iconic themes in video game history.

While my choice for best soundtrack is in the same vein, it’s not from the Street Fighter series, but a fighting game franchise that I have been a great admirer of for some time now. Killer Instinct. When the the new KI was announced at E3 2013, I jumped up out of my seat with crazy person excitement.  Not just because I loved playing the KI games as a younger guy, both for their unique gameplay and the memorable as hell soundtracks. Then I heard that composer Mick Gordon of Wolfenstein and Doom fame was helming the composing efforts. 

Yeah, I’m sold.

Jago and Glacius were the first themes I heard, and they blew my mind. Season One ended and Season Two brought forth a whole new batch of characters and even MORE crazy good themes. Mick Gordon left after Season two and Celdweller and Atlas Plug have taken the helm for the upcoming Season Three. The early teasers of the Season Three character themes are proving to be just as amazing as the previous Seasons, so fans can rest assured that the game is in good hands. 

Wow. So remember how I said at the beginning that I was really looking forward to this particular entry? Yeah, that was obviously a crazy understatement. 

— Evo out.

Hannah here!

As promised, I am flooding the 30 Day Challenge with my blanket answer of “Halo is the best for every reason”. Best video game music goes to Halo 2, mainly for the badass electric guitar. Halo 2 was fun for so many reasons, I personally think it was because the developers had a lot of creative freedom since they were riding high on their critically-acclaimed first title.

I often still find myself listening to the soundtrack because it is just really good musically (former band AND choir geek here). All the music in the Halo series is well done but the music from 2 is particularly well-balanced and moves smoothly from action refrains to the classic chanting/singing and back again with the excellent use of funky percussion transitions.

Just promise me you won’t listen to the god-awful Breaking Benjamin song “Blow Me Away” that they snuck onto the anniversary album. Do yourself a favor and… don’t.


Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind here! In the same vein as HSlamma, one of the entries in the Final Fantasy series will be my answer to a lot of these questions and this one is no exception! While I love the music from every one of the entries (especially FFVIII and FFX)Final Fantasy X has the best soundtrack out of all of them, in my opinion. If you need convincing, check out one of my favorites entitled “To Zanarkand”.

If that song along does not convince you of how amazing this soundtrack is, check out the rock filled blitzball song that Tidus and his comrades play to at the beginning of the game called “Otherworld”.

No matter what kind of mood I am in I can always put on the soundtrack for this game and know that I will not be disappointed by the level of awesome that comes from my speakers!

Megan_Highwind has left the party.

Hey everyone, James B. Boss here with my entry for today’s challenge. With every game that gets released, there is of course an accompanying soundtrack that goes along with it.  With all videos games popping out like weeds these days, there is and immense amount of unique songs to help set the games’ mood. The big question however, is what game has the best soundtrack? Well for me, the game with the best soundtrack is the Megaman series. If you want a game whose soundtrack will never get old with time, this is definitely it.

Some of the best ringtone fodder ever made.

Some of the best ringtone fodder ever made.

The soundtrack being on the original Megaman was already a masterpiece, but just to show how even more awesome it could potentially get, Capcom amped it up for the SNES debut of the character in the Megaman X series. To this day I still find myself humming and whistling the themes of Spark Man, Storm Eagle and many other character themes. With a ton of remixes all over the internet, it is no wonder without a doubt (to me at least), that the Megaman franchise has some of the best soundtracks that any game could have.

— Boss? What happened? BOSS?!



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