30 DAY VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE – Day 7 – Favorite game couple.

What’s good everyone, and happy one week anniversary of the start of our 30 day challenge! Love (in all forms)  is in the air as we approach the theme of day seven; our choices for favorite video game couplings. 

Allow me to start this by remind everyone that I said love in all forms in my previous statement. Couples in gaming are just as varied as couples in reality, and as such, love is expressed in different forms. Whether it’s by storming a castle to rescue your princess from a large, fire-breathing turtle dragon monster thing, sacrificing yourself to save the one you love, or providing the one you care the most about with intel, gear, weapons and emotionally elongating their name as you scream it when they die. The latter of which brings me to my choice for favorite game couple: Snake and Otacon.

You son of a BITCH!

You son of a BITCH!

Before the nerd rage comes thundering down, hear me out. Aside from the romantic (undertones notwithstanding) these two have been through EVERYTHING together. Literally seen and done it all, from help each other during missions with gear and support, to faking their own deaths and kinda sorta raising a child together. While not romantic, Otacon and Snake are true ride-or-die friends and companions, and I’ll be damned if there’s a cuter couple in all of gamedom.

— Evo out.

Hannah checking in. Favorite video game couple was a no-brainer for me. Let’s give some hints: They are the first, the best, and the longest-running video game couple in history. If they were in high school, they would be voted prom king and queen every year. And they keep their relationship spicy with by good old-fashioned kidnappings and rescues, battling endless evil turtles, and go-kart rides on the beach. You guessed it… Mario and Princess Peach!


Mario and Peach have been doing their thang for 30 years now!  Mario does literally anything for the sake of Peach’s happiness and I assume she indulges in playing games like “Plumber and Princess” in return. While I don’t necessarily love Peach’s lot in life (read: penultimate damsel in distress) you gotta admire Mario’s dedication to her.

If, like me, you really need some closure and want the satisfaction of a wedding after all these years, I would like to direct you to the delightful FanFiction.net story titled Princess Peach Gets Married. Quote: “First, I was fighting the good fight for women’s rights but went overboard when I had a Mohawk and a spiked collar and shot Bowser to death”. Enjoy! 



Hey everyone! Megan_Highwind here with my take on my favorite video game couple. The couple that I like the most from any video game is Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher from the Uncharted series.


Nathan and Elena have some serious chemistry from the first time they are on screen together. While Nathan has had to save Elena in a few instances, Elena is also a person who can hold her own in battle, which is probably part of the reason they are so good together. While Elena starts out just following Drake around for her journalism career, she slowly begins to realize that while Drake is in every essence of the word a thief, he is always someone who is caring and respectful towards others. They are able to battle wits against each other while also battling against the bad guys they come in contact with. By the 3rd Uncharted game, sadly, the couple is married but are no longer living together. I seriously hope that the 4th entry in the series brings my favorite thief and journalist back together like they are supposed to be! 

Megan_Highwind has left the party.

Hello everyone, James B. Boss here with my entry for today’s challenge. With so many video games out right now, there is also a plethora of characters and of course, most of these characters can have a unique, but not necessarily romantic relationship with one another. The two characters that I’m focusing on today to are Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series.

So uh, what're you doing later?

So uh, what’re you doing later?

I chose these two because I find their relationship with one another to be both functional and amusing than. They always seem to find themselves in an uneasy partnership and dissimilar goals but similar methods. If I could compare their relationship to anything, the closest I could come up with would be the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Smith from the movie of of the same name, minus the whole marriage thing. Even though they are on different sides, they always end up needing each other’s help to get out of one scrape or another, and it’s pretty much to the point where fans just want them to be together. I personally hope they do, because there will most likely be a rocket launcher involved. Kinky.

— Boss? What happened? BOSS?!


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