30 DAY VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE – Day 4 – Your guilty pleasure game.


What’s good, everyone? It’s now day four of the 30 day writing challenge, and this one is a doozy, since I don’t think it really applies, as being a gamer sort of means you’re already pretty shameless about what you consider fun. However, this could prove to be some really entertaining reading, so here we go: our guilty pleasure games.

I’ll admit it, I don’t feel terribly guilty about any of the games I play… and I play some VERY strange games. Video games these days have almost become art forms in their own right; huge production teams, massive budgets and intricate designs, so there’s a lot of competitive pressure on developers to make the most immersive, powerful experiences they possibly can. Unfortunately, a lot of these efforts aren’t “up to snuff” in the eyes of gamers at large, and these games are often dismissed as being “bad”. Not to this guy, though! Some of my favorite games are considered “boring, repetitive and mindless”, like the franchise I’ll be talking about today. I’m referring of course to the Dynasty or Samurai games in Koei Tecmo’s long running “Warriors” series.

So many characters, so much Square, Square, Triangle.

So many characters, so much Square, Square, Triangle.

I’ll keep this short. Dynasty Warriors games are not exactly exquisitely crafted masterpieces of storytelling, eye-popping graphics and revolutionary features, but damned if running around beating down mobs of people in the face with little to no rhyme or reason is one of the most satisfying and addicting experiences in gaming; especially after a long, hard day. It’s mashy and repetitive, but rest assured, I’ll be one of the first in line forking over my cash for the next “Warriors” game installment whenever it’s released. 

— Evo out.


Hannah here! Unlike my fellow writers here at DRE, I absolutely do have shame for some games that I played in my formative years. I have numerous younger siblings, so oftentimes I got no choice when it came to what game to buy or what to play. My siblings and I were often given the priceless gift of “educational” games and themed games based on our supposed interests. These money-making shills varied from freaking terrible to sometimes a little bit playable. One game stuck with me as surprisingly decent (read: actually embarrassingly enjoyable) was a Gameboy Color game that I played on a trip from Texas to Indiana. My copy of Super Mario Land had stopped working (sadly backwards compatibility only works so well) so I borrowed a game from my five year old sister. After this hellish round-trip van ride with parents and five of my siblings, I was an edgy, cool sixteen year old girl hooked on Barbie – Magic Genie Adventure. 

Check out this game play video and tell me this game doesn’t have a riveting plot, stunning visuals, surprise twists, and fascinating levels. This is my shame.



Hello everyone! My guilty pleasure game is not actually a guilty pleasure to me. As Evo said above, the games that I play I have no shame about! This game, however, was definitely considered one that not many people were a fan of. The franchise that this game is a part of is huge, but the game itself has always been considered less than stellar. My guilty pleasure game is non other than Square Enix’s Final Fantasy X-2. 


Feel that Real Emotion, guys!

I loved everything about Final Fantasy X-2. The story immediately took off from where Final Fantasy X left off and puts us in the shoes of Yuna who has been left to deal with a world after Sin. Yuna, her cousin Rikku, and their friend Payne go off on an adventure together to try and collect spheres while Yuna also tries to find out what happened to Tidus after the events of the previous game. Rikku reveals a sphere that shows that Tidus may yet be alive and from there the adventure begins! Things that I loved about this game include the open-ended mission structure that allows you to play through things at your own pace and have the freedom to explore more than before, mini games that are incredibly fun and addicting to complete, and a fight system that includes changing clothing as the way the women change their powers. While Final Fantasy X-2 is not the most fantastic game I have ever played, it is one that I continually find myself going back to. 

-Megan_Highwind has left the party.

Greetings readers! James B. Boss here with my Day 4 entry. We all have those guilty pleasures that we like to indulge in.  For me, my guilty pleasure video games are any of the millions of games that make up the Call Of Duty franchise. Yes, I know that just mentioning CoD these days is enough to make almost anyone cringe, but I have to be honest… I love playing these damn CoD games. “Same thing every game” aside, there’s just something addicting and fascinating about the mindless chaos that ensues in each multiplayer match, and it keeps me coming back every new release. Campaign mode though? Eh, not so much. The fast and fluid gameplay and the number of weapons and attachments available is enough to keep a guy glued to the screen for hours and hours, and in my case, it has.  An article about CoD is never complete without mentioning the constant swearing and offers to violate each other’s mothers by players online as well as the notorious amount of campers that you encounter. Even with these faults, CoD has been a guilty pleasure of mine for many years and it’s still at the top of my list. Now if you excuse me, I have some work to do.

You leave my mother out of this! THAT WOMAN IS A SAINT!

You leave my mother out of this! THAT WOMAN IS A SAINT!

— Boss? What happened? BOSS?!

2 thoughts on “30 DAY VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE – Day 4 – Your guilty pleasure game.

  1. Haha I love the Barbie choice. I could not think of a guilty pleasure game for myself these days (haven’t thought hard enough is all), BUT I used to dig Barbie Riding Club. And I would totally play that game again today…


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