30 DAY VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE – Day 2 – Your favorite character.

What’s good, everyone? Welcome to day two of our 30 day gaming challenge. In today’s installment, we will be discussing our favorite character in a video game. 

Personally, this isn’t an easy one to write up because of the type of video games I’ve historically been interested in. When I was younger, I played a lot of JRPGs, which are typically known for being character driven and having some pretty huge casts. As I got older and my patience for grinding started to wane (unless it’s a Pokémon game) I began gravitating more towards action/adventure style games and platformers. These usually focus on one main character and a decent amount of supporting characters to help move the story along, so it became easier to become attached to a character. After a LOT of personal deliberation on the topic, I finally settled on who my choice would be. My favorite character from a video game is none other than the hero of the 2010 masterpiece Red Dead Redemption, John Marston.


It ain’t no secret I didn’t get these scars falling over in church.

John has a pretty typical “comes from a rather tumultuous childhood, fell in with the wrong crowd, did some bad stuff, fell in love, got betrayed the aforementioned bad crowd, reformed and resolved to live his life right, mistakes of the past return to bite him on the ass” story that is seen in lots of games and movies, but the character is so damn likable that it moves him well past the realm of being a stock protagonist story. Playing the game, you find yourself not just in control of John Marston, but actively rooting for him and feeling the weight of his choices and actions. He’s in a tough spot, but he knows what he has to do, and players are right there in it with him, which to me was one of the primary factors that Red Dead Redemption was given so many game of the year nods in 2010. 

— Evo out.

Howdy y’all! Hannah’s back to drop some more unexpected goodness in your eye-holes. Favorite video game character was a really tough choice for me to make, as I’m sure it is for anyone. However, I was thinking about the spirit of this challenge and it seems to me to be about your entire lifespan as a gamer. Going back to my roots with my first video game and how hard-won the privilege was to play it shed some light on my influences early on.

Within a year or so of discovering the joys of SNES, our household acquired a N64. My favorite character is one that is infamous in FPS history, central to one of the first free-roaming games of this genre on console, and widely reviled because of the character’s actions in story mode. I understand the limitations of the character, and while I feel that pain, I love this character because I never played story mode. I only played 1v1 against my brother who was seven years older than I was.

The game was Goldeneye 007 and it made me hate proximity mines and screen lurking with a fiery passion that still burns brightly to this day. If you were gaming during 1997-1998, you probably now realize that my favorite character was Natalya Simonova. I loved her because she was a boss bitch who could win in a game of slaps just as fast as a grab for the Golden Gun. Who else was I supposed to pick. Xenia? Ugh, those bolt-ons were a bit much for me even then. Natalya will always have a special place in my heart for one reason: after months of playing over and over and losing time and time again… she finally helped me kick my older brother’s ass. And it doesn’t hurt that her pixelated features end up looking a lot like Scully. Hate on that.



Come at me bro.

Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind here! My favorite video game character will probably come as a surprise to no one. He is, most would argue, an emo teenager that is tasked with saving the world from complete destruction all while also trying to “get the girl.” He’s a brunette that carries around a sword that doubles as a gun and has a pesky blonde rival that cannot seem to understand that a crazy sorceress is not the best person in the world to be in love with. Have you guessed yet? My favorite character is Squall from Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy VIII.


Look at that smoldering gaze!

I think, for me, the reason that I like this character so much is that despite having a less than stellar childhood and dealing with a lot of pressure to save the world; Squall goes from being a teenager that cares about nothing except himself to being an adult who takes on the responsibility that was inadvertently given to him. Like some of the other Final Fantasy male protagonists, he is not willing to take on the title of protector of the world readily. However, unlike some others, I feel like I got the most attached to Squall because, in my opinion, he is the one who changes the most from the beginning of the game to the end. He starts out as a cold and angst ridden person and by the end of the game as developed into someone who truly cares about those around him. It definitely does not hurt that, as a twelve year old girl, I definitely thought he was a great looking character! Don’t judge me and I won’t judge you! Squall has gotten love and hate from both fans and critics of the series, but to me he will always be number one.

Megan_Highwind has left the party.

 What’s up everyone, James B. Boss here to bring you my entry for the day. My choice is nothing special to everyone, but it is to me, and that special character is *drumroll*…Yoshi from the Super Mario Games. An odd choice for a favorite character yes, but I just find him flat out awesome.

Being awesome,

Being awesome, LIKE A BOSS.

I remember seeing Yoshi for the first time in super Mario world for the SNES and I just absolutely loved having the chance of using him in some of the game’s levels. Of course there were times when people would ditch him just to save themselves from falling into the abyss (traitors), but I can say I’m one of the very few who actually stuck with him throughout every level I could. He also earns his spot as my favorite character simply because of all the things he can do, I mean come on who doesn’t like a dinosaur that can swallow enemies and lay that turn into exploding bombs of death fired deftly and accurately from the ass? At this point of the discussion, you can probably tell that each game that starred Yoshi as the main character is one jumped on the hype train for. My favorite of his games is Yoshi’s Island for the SNES. It was a fun and addicting game, where you can play as Yoshi and many other color variants of him. To this day, Yoshi has been my most favorite video game character through thick and thin. He may not be the most awesome character in existence, no that’s a lie.

— Boss? What happened? BOSS?!

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