Review – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Maveth”


Hello everyone! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a pretty intense fall finale. The episode starts directly where the last episode ended and shows that Fitz is still trying to escape from Ward and his captors, but to no avail. Fitz leads Ward and the others to Will and is able to convince them that Will is an asset to finding the way out before Ward is able to kill him. Will agrees to come when the idea of being able to finally escape the planet is put to him. Coulson, also trapped on the planet, is awoken out of a dream where he sees Rosalind and she tells him that his team needs him. Coulson then goes off on his search to save Fitz and get revenge on Ward.

While all of this is going on, the others are planning on getting to the portal in order to make sure that Coulson and the others get out safely. Mack, Bobbi, and Hunter are in charge of taking the portal back from Hydra while May, Daisy, Lincoln, and Joey are tasked with stopping Hydra’s troops and finding Simmons. While they are stopping Hydra’s forces, Lincoln is able to turn off the power to the facility while makes it easier for Simmons to escape. On trying to find her way out, Simmons passes by boxes containing the other In-humans who are waiting to be unleashed and at the end of the row sees Andrew in the containment cell. Simmons is confronted by the Hydra soldiers and is forced to allow Andrew to escape so he can save her. 

Back on the desolate planet, Will is leading the group into the “No Fly Zone” so that Fitz and himself can get away from Ward and the others. The sandstorm hits and Will is unaffected by the storm, telling Fitz that he is used to it. Will is able to take down some of the Hydra soldiers when Coulson appears to take care of the rest and try to take down Ward. Close to when the portal is set to appear, Fitz realizes that the person pretending to be Will is actually the “Death” character that we saw a few episodes back chasing Will and Simmons around. The character explains that Will died saving Simmons from him and that he is going to escape the planet. After shooting “Death” with a few different guns and finally a flare gun, the character seems to be gone for good. Coulson, meanwhile, is fighting Ward and gets the upper hand. Instead of allowing Ward to live once again, Coulson punches Ward with his metal hand, killing him. Fitz and Coulson then hurry through the portal.

The others have set up a plan to stop Hydra from getting into the facility. Mack and Daisy are staying with the portal while May and the others go back to the ship and set up the ship’s guns to fire and destroy everything if they do not get out in time. Mack dispatches the order to May to fire the guns, but it turns out that him and the others are heading back to the ship safely. Upon seeing that Will is not coming back, Simmons is visibly upset and goes to Fitz for support. Fitz, on the other hand, cannot take his eyes off of Couslon after what he did to Ward. The episode ends with us seeing Malick driving down the street and a very dead looking Ward appearing in the middle of the road with something crawling in his neck. “Death” is not gone after all!

Overall, this episode was a great way to end the fall season. It was crazy to get to see how Coulson has finally gotten so upset over something that he has given into the dark side completely with the killing of Ward. I am sure this will affect his relationships with the other characters, especially Fitz, during the second half of the season. Besides that, it seems as though Ward has been taken over by “Death” and I am sure that the characters will have the biggest fight of their lives on their hands with a creature that everyone has been calling unstoppable this entire time. 


-Until next time! Megan_Highwind has left the party.



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