Review – Gotham “Tonight’s the Night”

Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind here bringing you my thoughts on this week’s episode of Gotham entitled “Tonight’s the Night.”  The episode focused a lot on Barbara and Jim, but also gave the viewers a good glimpse into Galavan’s plan involving Bruce Wayne. 

To start, Barbara walks into the GCPD after waking up that morning with word from Galavan that she will finally be able to get rid of Jim Gordon. Barbara tells Gordon that she will give him some information regarding Galavan, whom the group now knows to be the one causing the chaos around Gotham lately, if he will follow her to an undisclosed location. As always, Jim willingly puts himself directly in danger in order to try to get some information on the new mayor. While Bullock and Jim are driving Barbara to said location, Barbara reveals how much she still loves Jim and reminds him of all of the time and money she spent getting the dress and reserving the church. The group is hit by a semi filled with some of Galavan’s followers and Jim, being barely conscious at this point, blacks out completely before he can get away from the scene.

Upon waking up, Barbara has Jim tied to a chair in the church mentioned earlier and appears in a wedding dress waving a gun around.She talks about how she is going to kill him but not before killing Lee, whom also has been brought to the scene. Jim, not willing to go down without a fight, cuts the ropes on the chair that he is in and starts shooting Galavan’s followers as Barbara tries to flee. While this is going on, Bullock and the other members of the GCPD come to help clear out the bad guys. While Barbara is trying to get away, she goes through a window and is holding onto Jim so that she does not fall. Before telling Jim she loves him, she drops and falls to the ground below. It turns out, at the end of the episode, that Barbara is not dead but is in critical condition. Before the scene ends, Lee tells Jim that they need to talk, more than likely about everything that has been happening lately.

While all of this is going on, Galavan is trying to get Bruce Wayne to sell him his company so that Galavan can “clean up the city.” Bruce seems uninterested in the offer initially, but then is told that Galavan knows the information behind the murder of Bruce’s parents. The only way Galavan will give up the information, of course, is by Bruce signing over the company. However, after chatting with Alfred and a few different meetings with Galavan, Bruce decides that the company is his responsibility and declines the offer.Upon hearing this, Galavan throws the folder with the information into the fire as Jim and the GCPD walk in to arrest him. Bruce is heartbroken that his only lead in the murder case has just gone up in flames. Ed Nygma also has some short scenes in this episode where he is trying to bury Ms. Kringle’s body, ends up killing someone else, and finally, at the end of the episode, finds Penguin hiding in a nearby trailer. Penguin asks Nygma for help and the episode ends.

Overall, this was, again, not one of the more interesting episodes to me. I feel like the show is trying hard to keep things fresh and keep the audience guessing, but for some reason I just cannot get into the series quite as much as I did in the beginning of the season.I think that the dynamic between Gordon, Barbara, and Lee is getting a little old. Besides that, except for the already killed off potential Joker character, the villains of this season just do not seem quite as scary as the ones from the last season were. I am curious to see how a relationship forms between Penguin and Nygma, though. Penguin has been one of my favorite characters in the series since the beginning and someone like him with a relatively new villain like Nygma could lead to some fun in the future. Other than that, some of the best scenes this week were between Alfred and Bruce discussing Galavan’s offer and it just reinstates to me that the actor that plays Bruce is pretty great for as young as he is.

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