Shark City Ozark product news round-up

What’s good, everyone? If you’re a regular reader, you know that I’ve got a bit of an obsession with giant movie monsters of all kinds; whether they’re huge atomic engines of destruction, creatures of tales and folklore, or even extinct and extant beasts of the natural world that have legendary reputations like the infamous great white shark. Along with this, I’m a collector of their respective toys and memorabilia. In recent years, companies like X-Plus, Bandai and Sideshow have raised the bar for both quality and accuracy of collectibles for people who have the same obsession as I do, with the exception of one property: Jaws. Jaws is my all time favorite movie and aside from the much-lauded diorama set by McFarlane Toys, it didn’t have much of a presence in the collector-sphere until Mike V. Schultz came along with and founded Shark City Ozark, a family run operation that specializes in creating reproductions of the various sharks in the Jaws series that are so high in quality and accuracy that their craftsmanship has been used in movies. Mike’s a friend of mine, and was kind enough to share with me some of the surprises and plans that SCO has for fans and collectors for 2016!

Tow Sled Shark (TSS)
Fans of Jaws know that multiple shark props were created or filming. One of the most often seen was the Tow Sled Shark (referred to as the “Great White Turd” by Steven Spielberg himself), which was a large scale shark that was pulled through the water on a large metal assembly. SCO has a fantastic 36 inch 1:8 scale figure that was originally slated to conclude its run at the end of October, but fan outcry has prompted SCO to continue producing them until the end of the year or until they can be replaced with a similar product.  Mike runs through the features of the figure in the video below:

SCO also offers a slimmer Platform or “Bruce Shark”, which is also 36 inches, so you can still get in on either or both sharks.

1/6 Scale Bruce Bust
SCO also offers a line of 1:6 scale busts of Bruce’s head in attack mode. Originally offered earlier this year, they’ve been massively updated and are now called HD Bruce Bust. The HD stands for High-Damage and High Definition detail. The original Bruce Bust was a cleaner and fresher looking Bruce Shark similar to how the shark looked in the iconic “come on down and chum some of this shit” scene.

The All New HD Bruce Bust is chock full of wounds and cuts and extreme damage. Incredible detail level right down to the many different historical gritty skin textures as seen in the film’s climax when Brody and Quint do battle with the shark after it sinks the Orca. These HD busts will be replacing the 1st edition busts and can be pre-ordered now.

8041334_origUltimate Sharks
The “Ultimate” Bruce Shark collector’s set was announced earlier this year and are 1:12 scale, 25-inch long maquettes of the shark seen in the various movies (the original Jaws being the one that yours truly has been foaming over). These can be pre-ordered now and are all due to start shipping later this month. SCO has not yet set a date for when their run will end, but you definitely want to get in on these for sure


All products have a convenient and interest free Flex-pay program so that fans and collectors can pay for their figures over time. SCO also offers color and “gore” customization so that individual orders can be personalized, and a variety of accessories to supplement your already awesome Jaws collectible.

Coming in 2016: Life-sized great white shark bust
The all-new LIFE SIZED Great White Shark in full attack pose will be finally added for sale. This is an massive figure both in scale and amount of detail, and is based on a real great white shark.


Coming in 2016: ½ scale Bruce Dorsal Fin
The ½ scale Bruce Dorsal Fin will be added to our as well, which in my opinion, is the iconic part of the shark. I’ll have more details for you all when I get them.

Coming in 2016: Resin Kits
Probably the biggest bit of 2016 news to from SCO is announcement that they will be releasing resin kits! This has been one of the most requested things of all time from them and now fans will be able to try their hands at building and painting their very own Shark City Ozark Bruce Shark
One of the first kits SCO aims to release will be the three-foot Tow Sled Shark WITH the complete Tow-Frame superstructure underneath! Effects man Cal Acord, who worked on the real Tow Sled Shark for Jaws helped develop this back in 2012-2014. Due to being very busy with filling orders, Mike and SCO were unable to release the current Tow Sled Sharks the immense mechanical superstructure (which is as big as the shark all by itself) but it’s now being included with the model kit for fans and collectors to build themselves. I hope you guys have some serious shelf space!

SCO also announced that they will also be releasing another kit in the form of the open sided Bruce Shark. Fans will recognize this model kit based on production still taken on location. Four sharks were used in the production of the movie, two of them being a left-to-right and a right-to-left shark where the sides were scooped out to provide access to the mechanical equipment that powered the shark. It’s unsure at this time whether SCO will offer options for both, but we’ll definitely see!472698_3692799446491_1690612419_o

Prices and release dates for all of the 2016 products are still pending.

I’d like to thank Mike V. Schultz for all of the updates regarding this fantastic company and their line of superior quality products. Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and visit their site to check out the multitude of things they’re working on.

— Evo out.


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