Review – Gotham “Mommy’s Little Monster”

This week’s episode of Gotham had the fight between Galavan and Penguin finally come to a head. The start of the episode shows that Butch had definitely been setting up Penguin for a trap. Butch shows Penguin where his mother is being held while Galavan and Tabitha show up to put a stop to Penguin by murdering him. Unfortunately, Penguin’s mother is caught in the middle of the chaos and gets killed by Tabitha. Galavan almost ends up killing Penguin, but Penguin is able to get away at the last-minute. Shortly after, Galavan is elected mayor to the city and makes it appear as though Penguin has been the one behind all of the fires and all of the other terrible things going on in Gotham in recent episodes. 

Gordon, finally catching on to Galavan’s scheming, confronts Butch about what is happening between Penguin and Galavan. Butch reveals that Penguin is being framed by Galavan and that Penguin’s mother has been murdered. During the party for the newly elected mayor later that night, the GCPD are on high alert expecting Penguin to come and try to take revenge on Galavan during his big ceremony. Penguin shows up with a bunch of henchmen dressed up like him so he is able to sneak in close to the party without being noticed. However, Gordon eventually finds Penguin before he can kill Galavan. Tabitha shoots at Penguin from a nearby rooftop and in the confusion that follows, Penguin is able to escape with a wound to the shoulder. Gordon tells Galavan that he will not let him get away with the heinous actions that he has committed and Galavan informs Gordon that he will have a hard time doing anything against the man who now owns the city.

While all of this is going on, Bruce is getting close to Silver, who is actually helping her uncle Galavan, and the two seem to be quickly becoming romantically involved. It is revealed that Silver is the one that Galavan has chosen to help him have Bruce sign over his company. Selina sees right through the act that Silver is portraying and tries to convince Bruce to believe her, to no avail. Meanwhile, Ed Nygma has officially lost his mind as he makes himself follow clues to find the whereabouts to Ms. Kringle’s body and at the end of the episode proceeds to cut her into pieces.

Overall, this was another entertaining episode. I am still feeling like I am not quite as into this season as I was when the season initially started, so I am hoping something happens that makes me as excited for next week’s episode as I have been lately for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This show is still one that I have hope for and enjoy watching, I would just like something big to happen to draw me completely back in!

-Catch Fox’s Gotham on Mondays at 8/7c

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