Review – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “4,722 Hours”

This week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. delved into Simmons stay on the planet that Fitz saved her from a few episodes back. It was nice to finally gets some answers to what happened on the planet and how it was that Simmons was able to stay alive so long when she was seemingly alone and left to the mercy of the elements.

The episode starts with Simmons being sucked into the monolith and her trying to convince herself that it would be no time at all before Fitz came and saved her. Simmons initially calculates that she can survive for 100 hours without food or water, but thankfully runs into a stream with drinkable water and creatures that she can kill and eat. Simmons tries to keep herself sane by watching videos and looking at pictures of the friends she has left behind on her phone. A while into her stay on the planet, she hears a noise and goes to investigate it. While doing so, she falls into a hole and is placed into a cage by a strange man. Simmons tries to escape by tricking the man, Will, but is saved by him when a sandstorm hits that is caused by It. Back in the cave, Will explains that It is what caused the group of astronauts that he was sent to the planet with and that it will kill them both if it gets the chance. Simmons agrees to trust him and the two begin working together to try to find a way home.

Simmons goes to the No Fly Zone that Will has put on a map and finds some wine and a few others things near some bones in what looks like a graveyard. While she is there, the sandstorm starts up and Simmons sees for herself that It really does exist and is coming after them. Simmons realizes that she can track the stars, by using her phone’s remaining battery power, with the computer that Will brought with him from years ago. Simmons is able to track where one portal will show up before the battery dies and the two try to reach the portal to get home. When they get to where the portal is appearing, there is a big crevice that is too wide for them to cross. Will tries to throw a message in a bottle that Simmons wrote for Fitz into the portal, but is unsuccessful. Will and Simmons return to the cave and in the midst of the heartbreak from the portal, end up kissing and becoming a couple. A while later when they are out waiting for the sunrise, Simmons sees a flare and knows Fitz has come to save her. Will and she run to the flare, followed closely by It. In order to allow her to be taken home, Will sacrifices himself by staying to protect her from It. The episode ends with Simmons as she is telling Fitz the story and pans back to the planet where Will is still alive.

I am really glad they finally took the time to tell Simmons’ story about what happened on the planet. From what they had show thus far, it was obviously a traumatizing experience, but to know that she was with someone who she had to leave behind is sad. It seems as though she is determined to get him back and Fitz is more than willing to help her, so I am ready to see how the incredibly smart duo uses their brain power to find some way back to Will! Even more than that, if Will does get brought back from the planet, I want to know how this will change the relationship between Fitz and Simmons.

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