Review – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Devils You Know”

This week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was set up a lot like last week’s episode. A lot of the major focus is still on Hunter, May, and Ward but instead of being focused on Lincoln, the rest of the episode is focused on finding new inhumans. This episode also contains small mentions of Bobbi and how things are going between Fitz and Simmons, as well.

To start, Daisy and Mack are reluctantly working with Rosalind and the ATCU after the tenuous deal that Coulson made with them in the last episode. While trying to recruit new inhumans to join their cause, the one known as Lash comes out and kills the inhumans that were being recruited. After his attempt on Lincoln’s life in the last episode, this leads the team to wonder why exactly someone is going after all of the inhumans and Daisy seems determined to find the answer. Before Lash kills one of the inhumans that the crew wants to save, Lash reveals that he is “necessary”. We are not really given too much insight into why Lash feels he has to take on the mission of killing the inhumans, but I get the feeling we will know soon. As Lash is leaving the scene of a truck crash involving the team, Daisy sees him turn back into a human and tells Mack what she has seen.

The bigger, and more important, in my opinion, storyline this week is the one between Hunter and May. As we saw last episode, Hunter is taking things with Ward to the extreme in order to protect himself and Bobbi from his clutches. This willingness to do anything it takes seems to scare May into going back to Coulson, for the first time since this season started, and telling him all of what Hunter has been up to. Hunter has finally risen through the ranks to get to Hydra’s secret hideout and see Ward face to face. After some gunshot fire between Ward’s team and Hunter, May shows back up on the scene to try to protect Hunter from being killed. Unfortunately for Agent May, Ward has Hydra agents following Andrew around and warns May that he will have them kill him if they do not stand down. Hunter, being so hell-bent on taking Ward out, rushes after Ward anyway and the scene ends with an unidentified bloody body laying on the ground of a gas stating before the gas station explodes. 

Smaller bits of the episode include insight into how Bobbi seems to really be getting tired of staying behind when the fighting is happening around her and Simmons confronts Fitz and reveals to him that she is finally ready to tell him what happened to her in the other world. Overall, I thought this week’s episode was pretty great. While the parts with Daisy and Coulson were entertaining, this episode really shined in the interactions between May, Hunter, and Ward. When Hunter was first introduced onto the scene I would have never guessed how far he would be willing to go to protect Bobbi. After this episode, though, his love and concern for her is clear. I am, more than anything, excited to see how Hunter and May’s relationship is after this week and if Andrew is really the one who died on the floor. I cannot imagine that May would easily forgive Hunter for making such a decision and Bobbi might not be too happy with him either, even if it was for her protection. Needless to say, I am on the edge of my seat for next week’s episode!

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