Review – Gotham “Scarification”

Hello all! Megan_Highwind back again with my thoughts on this week’s episode of Gotham. This week’s episode focused almost wholly on the villains. We are given even more insight into the history of the Galavan family and why it is that Theo seems so intent on causing chaos in Gotham.

To begin the episode, Penguin comes to Galavan extending his friendship in order to try to get his mother returned to him. However, it is apparent that Galavan is much more interested in having Penguin as a slave to do his bidding rather than a friend. Theo puts Penguin in charge of going around the city and burning down buildings belonging to the Wayne family, for a reason revealed later in the episode. While the buildings are being burned, Theo lets Penguin know that there is an artifact in one of the buildings that he wants brought to him before the building it is housed in is burned to the ground. 

Penguin is not one to do works of arson by himself, so he hires the Pike brothers, known arsonists, to assist him in the endeavour. The Pike brothers have a sister named Bridgit who they enlist to go and set the fires for them as she is smaller and has an easier time getting in and out of buildings. Bridgit happens to be an old friend of Selina’s and at the end of the episode Selina assists Bridgit in evading the police. Bridgit is able to get the artifact that Penguin was requesting out of one of the buildings, just before it explodes. 

The item that Penguin gets is a 200-year-old knife that is revealed to be of the Wayne family. Butch knows a woman who would know the history of the knife and brings her in to speak with Penguin. The story behind the knife is that 200 years ago, Celestine Wayne was caught in an affair with Caleb Dumas. Celestine swears that she was forced into the relationship and in turn the Wayne family pushes the Dumas family out of Gotham and takes everything away from them. It is then revealed that Theo and Tabitha are indeed members of the Dumas family who were forced to change their names when they left Gotham. Father Creel also appears at the end of the episode and appears to want to help Theo. Penguin decides that he has a plan to take Theo down and cuts off Butch’s hand in order for him to appear betrayed by Penguin and to try to get close to Theo.

Overall, this episode was a little boring to me. I understand that the show is trying to set up more of the plot, but it felt a little stale and like some of the weaker episodes of last season. I understand bringing in Bridgit as Firefly, but at the same time she just appeared to have been kind of thrown in just to have a new villain on the scene. I hope that Gotham starts going back to the strong showing of episodes they had at the beginning of the season sometime soon. 

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