Review – Gotham “Strike Force”

Hey everyone! Megan_Highwind here! This week’s Gotham involved a lot of back and forth between the Penguin and Galavan and a new task force taking over things to try to make sure that the GCPD is performing up to the standards of the new captain.

Nathaniel Barnes steps up as the new captain of the GCPD this week and his goals happen to align exactly with those of Jim Gordon. He makes Gordon his second in command and decides to put together a task force of newly recruited officers to try to stop the serious levels of corruption that are going on in Gotham. The new task force is under Jim’s command and he seems to be ready and willing to lead a force of his own. In other good guy news, Alfred warns Selina to stay away from Bruce after learning what Selina did to Reggie. Bruce, on the other hand, is distracted by a new women in his life. After meeting Galavan for dinner, Bruce is introduced to his niece Silver St. Cloud. Immediately, Bruce is attracted to Silver and is happy to learn that they will be attending school together.

Meanwhile, Theo Galavan reveals that his plan is, at least in part, to become mayor of Gotham. He “decides” to run for mayor when a drive by shooting occurs while he is getting his medal for saving everyone on the night of the magic show. Unfortunately for the other two candidates running for mayor, Galavan is not one to allow competition to get in his way and captures Penguin’s mother in order to get him to take out the others in the running. Penguin manages to successfully dispatch one of the candidates, but sends Victor Zsasz to kill the other. Zsasz is close to achieving his goal when Gordon and the task force step in to stop him. Unfortunately for Penguin, Gordon knows that Zsasz is working for him and tells Barnes about the situation. The episode ends with Barnes stating that Penguin is going to be the next target for the strike force.

Overall, this episode was a bit slow for me. I know there have been a lot of people who have not been excited by this season of Gotham, but I thought the show was doing pretty well. I have liked the character development thus far and felt like the direction of the show was moving at a good pace. I am a little worried about the season, though, after the takedown of Jerome last week. He was an interesting character to me and kind of stole the spotlight when he was on-screen. I can only hope that Theo Galavan’s planning to become the mayor of Gotham and the new strike force under Gordon’s lead can help me regain the excitement I felt for the first two episodes!

Catch Gotham on Fox on Tuesdays at 8/7c!

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