‘Dino-Riders’ movie reportedly in early development

What’s good, everyone? So for those of you who don’t know, I’ve had a fascination with dinosaurs since I was a small child. I can’t think of a little boy who grew up in the same time that I did who wasn’t into dinosaurs. I collected and watched everything I could that had to do with the terrible lizards, much to my parents’ chagrin as that stuff can get kind of expensive after a while. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “Don’t you already have that one” from my folks when trying to get a new Tyrannosaurus rex figure when they were foolishly mistaking it for an Tarbosaurus that I already had. 

Seriously. Noobs.

Seriously. Noobs.

The holy grail of all of my dinosaur memorabilia was a short-lived cartoon/toy line that featured two rival alien factions called the Valorians and the Rulons (I’ll let you figure out who’s the good and the bad just based on the names there) and their galaxy-spanning conflict for… some reason I can’t remember. Oh, it also featured dinosaurs outfitted with armor and various weaponry. 

Clearly there's no earthly way this could be cool, right?

Clearly there’s no earthly way this could be cool, right?

Initially created by Tyco, they were called Dino-Riders, and were big ticket toy items as well as having a cartoon that wasn’t half bad for being nothing more than a 14-episode long commercial for the toys. Unfortunately, the entire line was rather short-lived, but those of us who enjoyed any aspect of Dino-Riders remembers them quite fondly and has lamented the fact that there hasn’t been any news concerning the franchise at all. Until today, that is. Hollywood news site The Tracking Board is reporting that toy company Mattel is partnering with Solipsist Film to develop a Dino-Riders movie with Alissa Phillips (Dracula Untold) and Stephen L’Heureux (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For) producing.

Sources are reporting that the film will be poised to be a competitor to the blockbuster (box office-wise) Transformers films. The Tracking Board’s sources confirm that one that the script would be aimed at a family demographic via a “strong action-adventure storyline”, however a writer and script are still being soughtThere has also been no news thus far of any studios that will take the project on, but these reports are still very early. Fans and analysts are eyeing Universal as a potential candidate in light of the incredible string of hits they’ve put out in 2015 so far, as well as already being the distributor all of the home-video adaptations for Mattel’s Barbie, Monster High, and Hot Wheels toy lines but as they’ve already got the market on cornered on big budget dinosaur films with the “Jurassic” franchise, they may take a pass. 

Sources are reporting that the film will be poised to be a competitor to the blockbuster (box office-wise) Transformers films and will be in the same vein as other 80’s toy properties being made into films, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jem and the upcoming Masters of the Universe and Barbie. 


“Everything old is new again. It’s not that we’re totally out of ideas at all!” — The Movie Industry, 2015

Without a studio OR a script, fans are right back to hoping for some more concrete news or plans for seeing a Dino-Riders movie come to life. However, the fact remains it’s being eyed as a property that could still be profitable. While the recent crop of “80’s-toys-to-current-films” haven’t been anything anyone would call spectacular, they seem to be able to consistently generate unreal amounts of revenue, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

Oh, and I totally don’t want an updated Dino-Riders set of figures at all. Really.

— Evo out.

2 thoughts on “‘Dino-Riders’ movie reportedly in early development

  1. I can’t remember ever seeing the Dino-Riders cartoon, but I had a couple of the toys – and to a dino-obsessed child like me, they were akin to the Holy Grail. Just seeing that Dino-Riders pic above gave me a tingle of excitement. I am 36.


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