Review – Gotham “The Last Laugh”

Hello everyone! It looks as though I may have been a bit early in calling Jerome the Joker after all! I was definitely not expecting the end of this episode.While I was never totally convinced that Jerome was going to be the Joker, the signs pointing to that conclusion, within the last few episodes especially, did a good job of throwing me off and making me think that maybe the show was taking the expected route. That being said, the Joker will have had to have gotten the inspiration for the crazy somewhere, eh? I guess now we know how the series eventual Joker, if there is one, comes to get his or her inspiration for that high level of insanity and a creepy laugh to go with it.

Other than Jerome’s untimely exit from the show, it looks like Theo is finally shedding light on at least the beginning of his plan. If he makes himself a hero to the city, no one will guess that he is causing the chaos. To what end he wants this hero worship to bring about we have not been told. Considering how power hungry Theo seems to be,  it cannot be a good sign for Gotham that they are the unlucky city chosen for his uprising. Likewise, it seems like he is willing to use anyone, including Barbara and the other Maniax, to get what he wants. The only person that Theo seems to care about besides himself is his sister and that, at times, seems questionable as well. I will be curious to see how strained the relationship between Theo and his sister will become as Barbara continues to come between them.

In good guy news, Bruce is starting to really step up and show his future Batman ways. In order to protect Alfred from meeting an early end, he steps out of hiding and gives himself willingly to Jerome. If Jim Gordon had not shown up when he had, Bruce may not have become the Batman we know and love. Bruce’s infatuation with Selina and Selina’s curiosity regarding Bruce continue to make me smile. It seems like no matter how poorly Selina treats Bruce, he cannot help but saving her. Likewise, no matter how annoyed by Bruce Selina seems, she is almost always there to try and help him. Jim Gordon seems to be stepping up into the roll of the new leader of the GCPD so I will be glad to see exactly how he tries to shape the force with the uncertainty and high level of crime that are plaguing Gotham again. Finally, Harvey has stepped back into the picture as an office for the force and pays a visit to Penguin to tell him to stay away from Jim. After everything that has conspired between Penguin and Jim, it is hard to believe that there will not be more wheeling and dealing going on between these two soon.

Overall, I really liked this episode. As I stated in the beginning, I had no idea what was going to happen to Jerome. I definitely had a good inclination that the magician that everyone had been talking about was going to end up being Jerome and I figured that Theo would be the one taking up the hero mantel, but beyond that I was pretty surprised. I am excited to see where the show is going to go from here. I enjoyed the first two episodes, but this one is my favorite yet of the season. I hope that the show can keep this level of awesome going without Jerome around to make everyone smile. 

Catch Gotham on Fox on Mondays at 8/7c!

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