Review – Gotham “Damned If You Do” and “Knock, Knock”

Hello everyone! From Hannah’s post you can tell we have not completely dropped off the face of the Earth. While I could give you a million excuses why we did not post anything over the summer, I will just say that I’m sorry for letting to blog fall off my radar and we are back! Last week, Gotham came back with its “Rise of the Villains” season and I wanted to give you all my thoughts on the first two episodes of the season!

First off, I am not really sure exactly why this season is labeled as Rise of the Villains when it felt like a lot of last season was spent on villainy. Between Fish, the gangs, and Cobblepot, there were plenty of people causing Gotham problems and I am curious to see how this season is going to be different from the last since the baddies definitely felt like they were on the forefront before. But, going back to last week’s episode, Gordon was let go from the police force and by doing a little dirty work for Cobblepot found his way back in the game. It seems like Cobblepot is now the big bad so hopefully we will see some interaction between him and the new crazies coming on the scene in the form of  the Maniax, lead by whom appears to be the future Joker. Theo Galvan and his sister are funding the operation and controlling the group to help reek some serious chaos on the city. Also, in this episode, we got a scene between Alfred and Bruce wherein the bat cave is discovered along with a note from Bruce’s dad questioning how he wants his future to go.

This week’s episode, like last week’s, took a closer look at the group making up the Maniax and established that they are definitely not ones to be trifled with. Between threatening groups of teenagers and taking pot shots at cops, the Joker’s crew is serious one. Besides utter chaos, it has not yet been revealed exactly what Theo’s plan is with the Maniax under his command, but I have a feeling that eventually Jerome(Joker?) is going to get sick of his tyranny and take matters into his own hands. Almost the entirety of the police force is taken out by the craze of the Maniax while Gordon is tricked by Barbara to be away from the scene at the time of the attack. Besides the Maniax, the episode also focuses on Alfred and Bruce and how protective Alfred can be. Bruce ends up firing Alfred for destroying some machinery that contains information from Bruce’s father, but by the end of the episode the two have made up and begun to start down the path of figuring out exactly what is in the files Alfred tried to destroy.

My impression of the first two weeks is that it feels a lot like last season in some ways and quite different in others. Whereas in the last season, the viewers got a different small time baddie for almost every episode except the last few, this season feels like it will be more of a focus on this group and Cobblepot without adding too many additional villains. I like that because one of the my biggest gripes with last season was that a lot of the criminals were just thrown into an episode quickly and were taken down without much look into their back story and motivation. Hopefully, with the inclusion of less of them, this season will get deep in the heads of some of these big bad guys. By the end of last season, I was still in with Gotham  and enjoyed everything it had to offer. These first two episodes have been on improvement on the slow pacing of the early episodes of the first few of last season. Here’s to hoping the next few get things going even more!

-Catch Fox’s Gotham on Mondays at 8/7c!

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