Review – Gotham “All Happy Families Are Alike” (Beware: Season Finale Spoilers!)

Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind here bringing you my review of the season finale of Gotham. This episode was completely insane and I loved every minute of it. Literally, every twist and turn of the episode was great and it was by far my favorite of the season. To begin, Falcone is laying in a hospital bed when Oswald comes to visit him. Falcone thinks that Oswald is going to save him, but instead he is there to say goodbye before he gets killed by Maroni’s men. Oswald reveals to Falcone that his plan the entire time was to get Maroni to kill him and brags that he will be the leader of the city. Before anyone can get killed, however; Gordon shows up and arrests Oswald. When Maroni’s men show up to finish the job, Oswald calls in his favor, since Maroni is not too fond of Oswald anymore either, and Gordon is forced to save both Falcone, whom he is saving because Gordon is convinced Falcone is the only one who can keep the city from going under, and Oswald. 

They escape and run into Fish Mooney at Falcone’s safe house. Fish captures them with the help of her new protegé, Selina Kyle, and things look grim for Oswald, Falcone, and Gordon. However, Maroni shows up to finish Falcone off, with Fish’s help, when Fish and him get into a fight over whether they will be partners or she will just be second in command. Maroni ends up making Fish mad and she shoots him at point blank range. In the chaos that follows when Maroni’s men start shooting, Gordon and the others get away. Once again, unfortunately for them, Selina finds them and brings them back to Fish. Out of nowhere, Oswald appears after getting away during the shooting, and goes after Fish. Gordon, Falcone, and Harvey are able to escape for good. Up on the roof of the building, a fight ensues between Fish and Oswald. Oswald ends up pushing Fish off of a building to her death in the sea below while Gordon and Falcone flee to Barbara’s suite.

Once they arrive in the suite, they realize that Lee and Barbara have been having a serious fight in which Barbara almost kills Lee. The audience sees scenes between them where Barbara is telling Lee about the things that happened when she was under the Ogre, including how her parents got murdered. She admits that it was actually her that murdered her parents and tries to kill Lee to keep her quiet after she divulges this information. Gordon, Falcone, and Harvey show up in time to see the end of the fight and that is the last we see of Lee and Barbara for the rest of the episode. Gordon and Falcone have a moment on the balcony where Falcone lets Gordon know that he is leaving for good to settle down and gives him a knife that Gordon’s father had given Falcone a long time ago.

While all of this is going on, Bruce is trying to figure out his father’s secrets. Bruce knows this his father was hiding something and even if Alfred does not believe that there is anything to find, Bruce is determined to prove otherwise. At the end of the episode, Bruce finds a secret button in a book that belonged to his father and presses it to open a stairway to the future bat cave. Even Edward Nigma has his own part in this episode where he gets confronted about the note he wrote that spells out his name. He realizes that eventually he will be figured out and starts talking to himself and losing his mind in the way we see the Riddler often do later down the line.

Overall, this episode was by far my favorite of the series. Every major, and some minor, characters have something significant happen to them in this episode that will affect them in one way or another later down the line. Maroni and Fish are no longer alive, Falcone is giving up the life of crime, Oswald is the only big bad guy left in the city at the moment, Gordon and Harvey are dealing with the crime sprees and the aftermath, Lee almost gets killed, Barbara completely loses her mind, Selina joined Fish’s crew, Bruce and Alfred found the secret that Bruce’s father had been hiding, and Edward Nigma finally starts to show signs of his impending downward spiral of turning into the Riddler. No character is left unchanged by this episode and I am so excited to see what happens to all of these characters next season!

-Megan_Highwind has left the party. 


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