Review – Gotham “The Anvil and the Hammer”

Hello everyone! This week’s episode of Gotham is setting up for a pretty awesome finale! The episode starts after Barbara has spent the night with the Ogre. She goes to leave his apartment and is unable, as he has finally decided that she is the one for him and that he is never going to let her leave. This takes the episode down a dark path of death and abuse that leads to Gordon having to save the day. Harvey and him hatch a plan to get into a club to try to figure out where the Ogre has taken Barbara. They get the information they need, after a funny scene of Harvey trying to get information at Foxglove Brothel, and find Barbara under his control at her parents home. Ultimately, the Ogre gets taken down by Jim, but the effect that this whole ordeal will have on Barbara remains to be seen. I can only imagine exactly how she will be in the finale. Meanwhile, Bruce is trying to get answers from Wayne Enterprises, but gets caught in the act. Also, it seems as though Alfred does not quite believe that his friend just fell out a window and is trying to get to the bottom of what really happened to him.

On the other side, Oswald has set up a plan that he believes will end all of his problems with Maroni and Falcone. He decides to stage an event at a bar where Falcone’s men believe that they are going to be able to kill Maroni. However, the guns that Oswald gave them are filled with blanks, which makes it look like Falcone was trying to murder Maroni and failed. This starts a battle between the two factions that I am sure will come to a point in the finale. Also, Gordon had to pull another favor from Oswald in order to get into the Foxglove Brothel, so I am sure that will come back to bite him after what Oswald put together in this episode.

Overall, this episode set up a lot for next week and I appreciate the creators taking the time to do so. How will Barbara be after the death and abuse that she has suffered at the hands of the Ogre? What will happen to Oswald when the factions, inevitably, find out he set them up? Will Maroni and Falcone kill each other? How will Gordon and the GCPD deal with the massive amount of gunfire going on in the city? Answers to these questions and more will hopefully be coming next week!

Catch Gotham on Fox on Mondays at 8/7c! 

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