Review – Gotham: “Under the Knife”

It was another great episode of Gotham this week! I have really liked these past two, so I can only imagine that the final two of the season are also going to be awesome. Bruce and Selina cannot seem to agree on whether or not killing Payne was the correct choice or not. It seems as though Selina is pretty confident in the choice, while Bruce thinks that she went too far. Despite this, Bruce invites Selina to the Wayne Enterprises charity ball and it is pretty apparent that he has quite the crush growing on her. Bruce tells Selina to enjoy herself and smile which, of course, Selina is not too keen on. They are an adorable pair and they have great on-screen chemistry so I am excited to see the relationship between the two of them develop. Also on the good guy side, Gordon and Harvey are still on the search for the Ogre. The Ogre actually gives Gordon a call during the episode to warn him to back off, but per Gordon’s style, this is not an option for him. It seems like he is letting Lee help him with some sort of plan to draw the Ogre out, so we will see how this all plays out. 

On the bad guy side, the Ogre tracks down Barbara thinking that is still with Gordon. He goes back to her apartment where she reveals that she has no boyfriend and the Ogre then leaves. However, the Ogre feels some sort of connection to Barbara as they are both people who were told that they would never be loved, so he follows her to the Wayne Enterprises ball to try to get her for himself. Meanwhile, Oswald is making plans to kill Maroni, but Maroni finds out Oswald has something up his sleeve and confronts him in the club while telling Oswald’s mother about all of the bad things that he has done. His mother seems very disappointed in him and Oswald tries to tell her that Maroni is lying. Finally, there is a big scene with Edward Nigma where we see who he will truly become. It turns out that Kitty’s boyfriend is beating her and Edward is not a huge fan of this. He goes to confront her boyfriend and ends up stabbing him to death. I am REALLY curious to see what happens to him in the coming two episodes after this big event.

Overall, this episode may be one of my favorite of the season. There was not a dull moment and I feel like the characters are getting really flushed out and we are learning more about them as the finale approaches. The past two episodes, along with the next one, I am convinced are going to set up for a fantastic finale so stay tuned!

Catch Gotham on Fox at 8/7c!

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