Review – Gotham: “Red Hood”

This week’s episode involves a new baddie who thinks that this random red hood that he made provides protection as he managed to avoid getting hit while robbing a bank with some friends. Without giving away too much, this is a good indication that not all villains are the smartest tools in the shed! In other bad guy news, Fish Mooney has gotten a one-on-one with the organ harvester himself and gets a good idea of the level of creep that she is dealing with. On the brightside, it seems as though he is wanting to work with Fish which, of course, works in her favor. Finally, Cobblepot is still figuring out exactly how to deal with running the club and all the issues that go along with it.

On the good guy side, the main focus this week was Alfred and his friend, Reggie, who randomly shows up at Wayne Manor asking for some help from Bruce and Alfred. Of course Bruce, being the kind hearted kid he is, welcomes Reggie into his home with open arms. Without spoiling too much again here, let me just say that the scenes between them were by far the most entertaining part of the show this week. The way that Bruce and Reggie interact versus the normal interaction between Bruce and Alfred is like night and day. Other than that, Barbara is back and hanging out with Selina and Ivy and Gordon and Harvey solve the case once again!

I’m still really enjoying this show, particularly these last few episodes. I can only hope the show keeps going up from here and I am more and more excited for what the finale might have in store for us!

Catch Gotham on Mondays on FOX at 8/7c!

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