Review – Gotham: “The Scarecrow”

Hello everyone! Megan Highwind back again as promised to bring you my thoughts on this week’s Gotham! The episode starts showing exactly how cool Fish Mooney is, and has always been, as she threatens some thugs in the incredibly dirty looking underground into leaving her and her new-found companion alone. In other news on the bad guys side, Oswald Cobblepot has been put back in charge of Fish Mooney’s club and is under the protection of Falcone against whatever forces Maroni may send since Maroni found out he was on Falcone’s side of things. 

The main villain in this episode, though, is still Gerald Crane, who continues to remove the adrenal glands from his victims in order to overcome his fears. Harvey and Jim are still trying to figure out exactly why Crane is doing what he is doing and try to figure out someway to stop him from continuing his killing spree. It is starting to make more sense why the younger Crane puts on the Scarecrow mask and uses other’s fear against him. His father is so consumed with his fear based on not saving his wife in the fire, that he is obsessed with getting rid of the fear in himself completely. Meanwhile, the younger sees the opportunity to create something wicked from his father’s desire to get rid of fear entirely. As far as the other good guys are concerned, Alfred and Bruce are having more fun and cute bonding moments while Bruce tries to uncover more and more about what happened to his parents after Selina’s confession.

Overall, I liked this episode. It has been nice just following one major villain for a few episodes now and really getting into what makes them tick. I think it will definitely be interesting to see what happens next!

Be sure to check out Gotham on FOX at 8pm/7c. 

-Megan Highwind has left the party. 

2 thoughts on “Review – Gotham: “The Scarecrow”

    • I totally agree! I think thus far in the series, other than full time main characters of the show, Scarecrow has been given the best focus on his backstory.

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