Review – Waterfield Designs Nintendo 3DS/ XL Suede Jacket

What’s good, everyone? It’s Joshua Evo back again with yet another product review for everyone. Before we get started, I want to throw a huge “thank you” shoutout to the crew at Waterfield Designs for allowing me to review another one of their great products.  The last time through, I looked at the “Cityslicker” line of cases for both the Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS XL. Today, I’ll be reviewing the alternate case option offered by Waterfield Designs for the Nintendo 3DS XL and 3DS XL, the Suede Jacket.


With the holidays coming up and gamers everywhere are being given the gift of shiny new games and game consoles. Combine this with the recent releases of Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and Super Smash Bros. and you have a lot of new 3DS XL users out there who are going to need something to keep their new consoles nice and secured in. While the Cityslicker is my case of choice, it’s not the easiest thing to carry around in a pocket, which is where the Suede Jacket comes in.

IMG_9629This case boasts very simple, but still highly functional design. The entirety of the case is composed of soft Ultrasuede, which pulls the double duty of providing additional grip while carrying the 3DS XL and cleaning the console whenever it’s inserted or extracted. When empty, the case itself can be used as a screen cleaner for cleaning and polishing the dual screens. 

IMG_9630The Suede Jacket is also available with an optional, expandable mesh pocket that is stitched on to the back of the case, similar to the Cityslicker line. While it does not feature the YKK locking zipper, there is more than enough tension created to safely contain accessories like games, a charge cable or an extra stylus when the 3DS is inserted into the case. As is the case with all Waterfield Designs products, the stitching and construction are top notch, and there is little to no fear of fraying or loose threads, even after heavy use. 


All in all, the Suede Jacket offers all the scratch protection and carrying capacity of a small accessory bag while adding virtually nothing to the form factor. Best of all, these fantastic features coupled with Waterfield Designs signature quality construction are available for only a small investment of $12 ($15 for the version with the added pocket), making the Suede Jacket an affordable and welcome accompaniment to that shiny new 3DS and the army of games you just got for Christmas. 

— Evo out


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